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6 Ways You Can Rock Your Wedding on Social Media


Weddings are an adventure of a lifetime and they’re fun, mesmerizing and absolutely beautiful, all at once. Gone are the days when they used to be a private affair with just close family members. Gone are the days when we called to send invites and waited to send pictures to those who could not turn up. Now, it all happens at once, social media is the new game changer – but do you need to look for social media influencers to create your own wedding viral on the internet? Well, the answer is No!

6 Ways You Can Rock Your Wedding on Social Media

Here are a few tips on how you can make your wedding a social media ‘Dhamaka’

1. Have a hashtag ready to go

Hashtags rule almost every social media platform. Create your own unique hashtag, inform about it to your guests and ask them to upload all the pictures with the same. It not only allows you to view all your wedding posts at once but also increases presence. You can use Canva save the date templates and add your own hashtags on them or have it printed on menu cards on your wedding day. Make sure the hashtag is upfront, short, sweet and visible on THE DAY, probably on a banner or down into your wedding dress or as a bracelet for your squad. It has been noted that 64% people request their guests to use a hashtag for their wedding while uploading Instagram photos.

2. Make a choice

With the number of social media apps making the rounds, it’s important to choose the right one for your wedding. It can be difficult and confusing for you and your guests to work with multiple apps during an already busy day. Choose an app you’re active on, make sure they have the features you want and are used by your guests too. Usually, Instagram or Snapchat are the best way to go.

3. Find yourself a social media manager

This is the most vital job on the day. Your guests cannot always be busy posting and cannot always be on their phones during photos. Nor can you. Find someone reliable and good at finding their way through social media among your circle to handle the job of posting pictures and videos on your wedding day. It could be your bridesmaid or a hired assistant from the photography company.

4. Use the Livestream feature

Like said before, gone are the days when sending out photos after the wedding was the way to thank those who couldn’t attend, now it’s an era of live screening. You can live stream your wedding, probably with the help of your social media manager and get those precious moments for the world to see and appreciate. You can live stream the whole wedding or cut it down to the important moments. You could also enlist the dates, with the help of your videographer and send out information beforehand so that your loved ones can know when to watch.

5. Create Moments

You cannot just post a picture of you sitting on a chair or the guests enjoying a starter before the wedding. Social media requires the glam, the fun, and the emotion. Plan your wedding keeping all these things in mind and make it interesting. You could have a social media wall where your wedding Hashtag posts would be live screened, you could have a post-it wall and cute napkins on the tables. Also, quirky food presentation, staff with your wedding Hashtag bands or a separate graffiti wall can work. Considering how 6% people put a disposable camera on tables for guests to use, you could also consider this to ace your social media game.

6. Talk to your vendors and staff

With social media increasing brand value, every seller or company loves to post about their work on their media accounts. Moreover, they have a strong follower base and know the right tricks and moments about posting. So, talk to your vendors and employees, let them know the game plan and appreciate their inputs. They could post various pre-wedding and behind the scene moments, pair up with your friends and family during fittings or trials for pictures and videos and give many additional creative ideas.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media and its amazing outcome. Let it flow and let it be real. Make sure your guests know the plan, add it in your save the date using Canva templates if needed and enjoy going through it all after your big day. Enjoy your last day as a single human first and watch everyone else enjoy it after. Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then why not share it with the world?

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