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How Can You Resolve McAfee Antivirus Error 12152?


McAfee is one of the best antivirus programs available in the market. McAfee offers various top services to the user for securing the data and device. But sometimes, a user can get various errors while dealing with McAfee. Error 12152 is one of the common McAfee errors.

How Can You Resolve McAfee Antivirus Error 12152

Here are the symptoms of McAfee error code 12152:

  • You will get “Error 12152” message on your computer screen and the actively running program will be crashed out.
  • You will get 12152 error message every time when you are opening the same program.
  • Your system will work lethargically and your input device like keyword or mouse will respond slowly.
  • Continuous freezes from time to time
  • You can get this error message while installing any application on your device. Error 12152 can also interrupt you when you are starting or closing the Windows.

Common causes of McAfee Error 12152:

  • You can get this error due to the incomplete or corrupt download of McAfee antivirus program.
  • When you are using McAfee without McAfee Activate Product Key
  • When your Windows registry got corrupted
  • When you delete McAfee related files mistakenly

Here are the solutions for fixing McAfee Error Code 12152:

• Repair your Error 12152 related registry entries

If you are not from the technical background then editing the Window registries can be harmful. Any type of misleading change can costs you so much! A little change in the registry entries can damage the operating system. So, it is highly recommended to use trusted registry cleaner tools for fixing registry entries. These tools can easily fix your entries. The tool will search for the invalid registry entries and create an automatic backup before scanning. You can easily undo the change with a single click. These tools will not only fix the registry entries but also increases the OS speed.

If you are a technically sound person then you can fix the registry entries manually, follow the steps mentioned below:

i. Tap the Start button
ii. Go to the search bar and insert “command” and please do not press the Enter button
iii. Hold ctrl and shift key together and now hit the Enter button
iv. A permission dialog box will appear
v. Tap on yes button
vi. The prompt will show you a blinking cursor
vii. Type regedit on the dialog box and press Enter button
viii. You will get a registry editor
ix. Choose 12152-related key
x. Go to the file menu
xi. Click on Export
xii. Go to the Save In list
xiii. Choose the folder where you want to save your backup key
xiv. Open File Name box
xv. Enter the name of the backup file
xvi. Choose Selected branch on Export Range box
xvii. Tap the save button
xviii. Your file will be saved with the .reg file extension
xix. Now you can easily get backup of your McAfee related registry entry.
xx. After backing up the keys, now you have to edit the registry manually. Editing the keys yourself can cause you more damage; you should go for professional help for editing the keys.

If you can’t fix the registry entries then try to scan your device completely. Removing temporary files, cookies, caches, and other junk can also fix this error sometimes.


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