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Steps to Recover Data From a Water Damaged Hard Drive


Have you had any water spills on your external storage medium, such as a hard drive? You need not regret it early. The information on a water-damaged drive can be easily retrieved if you seek professional help quickly or deal with the problem before it becomes too serious.

At most, the hard drive will be in good working order, but at worst, it may be damaged, resulting in data loss.

Hard drive water spills can be a thing of concern for both the home desktops and work devices. Important data can be lost, time can be consumed, and the hard drive may need to be replaced.

Steps to Recover Data From a Water Damaged Hard Drive

As a result, you must be aware of the precautions and key processes that can assist you in successfully recovering data from a water-damaged hard drive.

How to Recover Data From Water Damaged Hard Drive

Don’t Wait for Later

When it comes to dealing with water spills on a hard drive, the most important thing is to act quickly.

If the hard drive came into contact with water, polluted particles are almost certain to have entered the drive, which might cause further harm if not dried correctly.

Additionally, the longer the drive is left wet, the more likely are the chances of water seeping deep into the dry areas.

As a result, it would be beneficial to take fast action to prevent your hard drive from being destroyed and resulting in data loss.

Power Off the Hard Drive

If your hard drive is still connected to the plug after being exposed to water, check sure all cables, outlets, and other components are disconnected from the plug.

Regardless of whether the drive was destroyed or the power was cut off, you must unplug all of the components to prevent further damage to the devices or drive on which the data is saved.
Don’t Dry the Drive Using Hair Dryer or Under the Sun

If the hard drive is subjected to water spills, there is no need to attempt to dry it using any technique.

Many individuals are unaware that allowing water to dry on our hard drives can cause excessive damage. If you don’t clean up the spills off the drive, the residues may make hard drive or SD card data recovery more problematic, if not impossible.

It’s very risky to dry a water-damaged hard drive by keeping it under the sun, using a hairdryer, or any other method that uses heat.

Place the Protective Casing On the Hard Drive

There’s a reason why protective covering is necessary. It protects your hard drive against airborne particles or dust that can cling to the particles and cause them to stick together.

Avoid checking if there’s any water inside the drive. Furthermore, removing the drive’s protective covering can allow particles and dust to enter the drive, as well as allow water to seep deeper into the drive.

Rinse the Drive Properly and Put it in Ziploc Bag

You might be thinking why to rinse the drive that is already wet. However, if the water that went into the hard drive was contaminated with particles, the particles will stick to the drive even if it is dried off.

You could try to dry out the drive, but it’s best to leave it that way so that data recovery isn’t impossible.

Don’t Let Anyone Touch It Until It Dries

Of course, the prospect of a hard drive being ruined by water can make anyone nervous. Where will your data go? What will be the cost of repairing the drive?

You could be tempted to save money by fixing the hard drive yourself or seeking out low-cost services of hard drive data recovery in Singapore.

However, unless you have skilled assistance with the necessary training, expertise, and equipment in place, you may end up doing more harm than good. Furthermore, if the problem becomes more complicated, it may cost you more time and take longer to fix than usual.

  • Find data recovery experts who can examine and restore your hard drive or device in a safe manner.
  • Check to see if they can provide you with a pricing estimate or if they are within your budget.
  • Examine the repair services and quality they provide.

Also, ensure you get your hard drive reviewed or repaired by the expert within a day. This is so because it can reduce the risks of any layers forming on the hard drive.

Also, make sure you have your hard drive examined or fixed within a day. This is because it lowers the chances of any hard drive layers forming.

Save Your Drive and Data From Water Damage

Water damage to a hard drive may be both an inconvenience and the worst thing that can happen, especially to the working professionals. Even if you drink water carefully while working on your device, there’s always a danger that something like this will happen.

So, look for reputable services for Seagate data recovery in Singapore. Furthermore, no matter what the situation is, always try to follow these steps shared here.

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