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5 Ways Addiction Impacts Your Mind and Body


Addiction is one of the most serious problem that we are facing especially in the youth in modern time on global scale. Majority of the people are target by addiction for drugs, alcohol and Junk food etc. Addiction could be of many types but mainly drug addiction is considered as the prominent one in the society. Problems like bipolar disorder are also arising from addiction. Here we will have insights on how drastically addiction and spoil our body and health and why we should stay away of it.

ways addiction impacts your mind and body

1. Reduced Coordination Between Brain and Body

One of the very drastic impact of addiction on the human body is its proper functioning which is done with the best coordination between mind and body. A person who is addict fail to manage a better coordination between the two which reduce the memory power of the addict as well. That is why it is very difficult to an addict person to perform basic tasks of the life owing to the poor coordination between his brain and body. It is very crucial for body and brain to work in coordination otherwise it can sometimes also leads to serious problems in the person in the form of accidents.

2. Poor Mental Health

We can see the person who is an addict have to face certain problems on the mental health grounds as well. For example anxiety, depression and feel of death wish are very common in such case. This is because the power of thinking is dying gradually in such people. Everything seems very gloomy and pessimist to them and they do not want to live anymore. That is why there are so many drug rehab in San Antonio and other places to help such people to come out of their addiction and live a healthy life without any kind of anxiety and other mental health issues.

3. Destroy your Physical Health Drastically

We all are mindful of the fact that addiction is very dangerous for our physical health apart from mental health because of the harmful substances and chemical compounds found in the drugs and other such substances. For example drug addiction affects all the vital organs like heart, lungs, renal, eyes and liver severely and affect their functioning along with poor health of the brain. At the same time tobacco and smoking addiction cause harm to lungs in very drastic way. The impact can also be seen in the skin of the person who is addict.

4. Personality and other life Changes

Addiction is also going to affect your life and personality apart from the other negative impacts as listed above. For example you will not be able to create a good bond of love with people that matters for you in life. You children, parents, and wife might feel disgusted with you due to your addiction. At the same time the friend circle can also show their back to you and even the impact can touch the margins of your employment at workplace also. That is why make sure that you are not getting into this vicious cycle of addiction in your life to destroy your small world.

5. Insomnia and Irregular Sleep

The last and very dangerous impact of the addiction on the human body and mind is irregular sleep and insomnia. There are people who do not manage to have sound sleep in the night and all this because of their habit of taking drugs or something else of the same sort. Addicts are also disturbed with hallucinations and other such problems along with insomnia due to addiction. That is why they should work on their bad habits and improve them for the coming years of life to make them memorable in positive sense.


These are the few negative impacts that a person who is addict go through in long run. So if you are also sailing on the same boat make sure to avoid all your addictions and try to improve them every day. Nothing is more beautiful than to live a happy and cheerful life which cannot be imagined without a healthy body and mind. Addiction is the biggest enemy of healthy body and mind and this needs to be removed as soon as possible from your life to live happily.


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