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Latest Computer Peripherals and Gadgets


Let us first begin by understanding the term peripheral. It is not exactly a part of the computer but a device that is connected to a computer. The peripheral devices help expand the capabilities of a computer. The peripheral is dependent directly or partially on the computer. With a lot of advancement in technology

Latest Computer Peripherals and Gadgets

USB Keyboard

It is a wired keyboard in which the wire connects the keyboard to the computer. You will find a USB plug at the end of the wire that can be inserted into the USB port on your computer. The wired keyboards are extremely reliable.

It is the main device used to enter characters, text and its main function in the desktop computers by use of the keys. The key option of being connected by through wireless means. Features related to it are:

Keystrokes: Most people prefer comfortable and soft keyboards. Be keen while selecting as there are others that need additional pressure to make an impact.

Make sure that the keyboard that you are buying has got all the latest features that are required while still ranging on your target budget.

There are various types of work that you can do with your keyboard. There are a lot of writers that can make it comfortable and easy to type. Serious gamers can purchase specialized consoles that have got an extra feature to assist them while playing.

iKey SL-86-911-USB 86-Keys USB Industrial Keyboard
Lenovo 0A36328/G83-6659LUAUS-2 Cherry


With the tremendous advancement in technology we can need ourselves in need of printing certain documents. There are many types of printers and you must buy based upon your need and requirement.

Laser or Inkjet?

The choice depends on your budget though they will cost a lot of money.


You can use it as a projector as a home theatre that it will stay in a fixed position there the size will not matter to you.


There is a device that has USB port that expands and can create more products to connect to other devices.


These are to display texts, images, on any given large screen. The screen could be of a projector or a television.

A good projector screen that will complete the home theatre setup of the system. It depends on the quality of the projector how good or bad it is because only a good quality projector will display a good image and show a good contrast of colors. Some of the best projectors in the market are:

  • Sony VPL-SX630M Ultra Short Throw XGA Projector
  • Panasonic PT-RW630LWU 6500-Lumen WXGA Laser
  • Epson V11H604020 PowerLite 580 1024×768

Video Cameras/ Webcam

Laptops and computers are a great way to connect with your loved ones and, they are a great medium to connect professionally for a meeting or discussion. Computers do not come with a built-in webcam whereas a laptop does. Not all the laptops deliver a high-quality picture quality. So, to make the picture quality better there are various options available in the market. You can either go for an expensive option or a reasonable one. Webcams are available of super high quality and can even have multiple features it totally depends upon you to choose the right one according to your needs. A few features that you need consider checking before buying a webcam are:

  • Lens Quality
  • Frame Rate
  • Megapixels
  • Continuous Autofocus

Surge Protector

You must have heard of many electric appliances that get damaged beyond repair due to sudden fluctuations in power. You would not want to damage your electrical appliance due to this. So, here is when a surge protector comes to your rescue. A surge protector works as a shield against such sudden and unpredictable power surges.

Uses of a surge protector:

  • It will help your equipment face the sudden power surges
  • It can absorb a great amount of current before finally going off! (You need a device that can take shocks of a higher voltage)

External Hard Drive

Malware and age could become the reason for a computer to crash. It is painful to lose the data which is why it is advisable to purchase a hard drive that can store copies of the videos, documents and pictures. It can also help to store very large files that will avoid your internal memory from filling.

Before buying an external hard drive, you need to keep in mind the following things:

Durability: Look for a device that will serve you a longer time. An ideal hard drive will be able to physically protect a hard drive from any kin of accidents.

Security: Always go for a product that offers security features like encryption. Make sure that you look for a proper security provision as one of the features.

Audio/Video Devices/ Speakers

The speakers of the computers are not as good as compared to the separate speakers that you can buy as a peripheral for your computer. Some of the best speakers that will work great with your computer are;

  • Axis Communications AXIS 241S Single-Channel
  • Axis Communications Q7414 Quad-Channel
  • Intel G16564-201 Slot-2 PCI-Express Riser Board
  • Pelco DX4708-500 10-Channel Hybrid Video
  • Lenovo 4XC0F28741 ThinkServer X540-T2
  • AXIS Communications 0267-004 RJ45 291 1U

By making latest computer peripherals and gadgets a part of your computer you can make various additions to the already advance gadget and use for different purposes.


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