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100 Hilarious Usernames for Social Media And Other Online Platforms


Today, when we try to access a business website, social media account or even an online forum it becomes crucial to register with unique username. Most of us end up exhausted when fail to come up with a unique username for such accounts. Under such situations funny usernames could be a good alternative which are mostly unique. There are multiple benefits of using a ridiculous username for online account. Here you will come to know about the benefits which are associated with a funny username and complete step by step guide to choose a funny name for your account.

100 Hilarious Usernames for Social Media And Other Online Platforms

What it means to have a funny and ridiculous username?

Almost each one of us is aware of the fact that a set username and password is required to access any online account today. There could be multiple types of online accounts like business account, social media account, accounts for online shopping websites etc. For each type of account one has to have a unique username that must not be repeated. But most of the time people fail to come up with an effective and unique username and that is why eventually cannot access to an online platform. But funny account names can help people to stand out of others as almost each one of them is unique. A funny username is generally based on someone personality, profession, hobby etc. which tends to attract the eye of people.

Benefits of choosing funny username for several online accounts

If you will choose funniest usernames for your online accounts then there could be several benefits you can draw out of them. For example it can help you to attract more friends on social media as people will get curious to know about you when come across unique username. You can flourish or promote your online business by keeping your username matching to your business name. When people will browse for the similar keywords on websites like social media your business will automatically get promoted. Similarly if you are a college goer a cool and catchy username can makes you the hero amongst you peers.

Best guide for selecting a funny username

Now when you are well aware of the fact that funny screen names can be beneficial in several way it becomes essential to know about how to select the one for you. First make sure that you are avoiding any username for online account that is antagonistic to your online security. Do not end up revealing your passwords of net banking, social media accounts etc. in your username. More try to refrain from setting a password that helps others to trace your current location as it is harmful for your personal life. Always choose a username which is related to your hobby, interests, lifestyle and business or can seek the attention of people. Also make sure to avoid choosing a username that is too tiresome to keep in mind. You can also try some meme usernames for the purpose of making it funny in every way.

100 funniest usernames for various online platforms

Here is a list of top 100 funniest username for online platforms that you can refer to before choosing the one for you. Whether you want a funny Instagram username or a username for other social platforms here you can snatch an idea from this list given below:

Funny Usernames List:
Doctor of Machinery
Car lover
Soulful creature
Lazy potato
Prince of my home
Money maker
You cannot judge me
Crazy and insane
Comic lover
Blood sucker
The hero of my life
Copy cat
Chocolate lover
Live for food
College boy
Mom’s little prince
Queen of my house
My rules for my life
Hate discipline
Married to books
Study sucks
Music lover
Fan of friends
Mathematician of my karma
Gym lover
fitness freak
basketball is my life
furious guy
prawn eater
user died
hero of girls
clothes lover
live for love
fat but smart
Sleep inducer
Hotel owner
Car rentals
Photo hub
mend my shoes
gym is my home
my wife is my life
cute guy
personality developer
health possessive
insane for chocolates
friends forever after
Royal blood
Fan of my dog
Fashion designer
Architecture of my life
Girl’s crush
First love
Roses and orchids
Tea and me
Tour lover
Garden of roses
Warrior of my life
Busy doing nothing
Death dreamer
Astrologer for friends
Orator of the year
King of college
Sentimental and insane
Red is hot
The sky cannot be yellow
Richest creature without money
Love makes life difficult
Master of my soul
Born to rule
you cannot forget me
Alcoholic guy
God calling me
Born to die
Always with phone
Social media lover
True friend
Punctual like clock
Potion for lovers
Wicked man
Morning bird
Spoiled by mother
Pet of house
Bread butter eater
Wink with style
Bleeding blue
Fashion maker
Your enemy
Richest by look
Mom’s first love
Still crawling
Health worker at home
Chubby but cute
Absurd on earth

These are few hilarious usernames which you can go with for the reference purpose to set a unique and funny username for your online account. Whether you are a businessmen or simply a college student these usernames given in the above list can turn out helpful for you to design funny username. Do not get panic if you fail to get a best funny and ridiculous username for your online account just refer to the above examples and an idea will definitely strikes against your head.


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