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How to Revive a Locked Facebook Account for Security Purpose


Social media is the most desirable place for one and all in the present scenario where people find solace from their hectic life. Sending text messages, watching videos as per your interests and exploring local and international news everything is very easy on Social media platforms these days. Facebook is one of the giant platforms where people spend lot of time in bulk and we can consider it as modicum platform which is used by all and sundry. But there are some terms and conditions of Facebook which must be abide by the users in order to have a smooth experience in using this social media platform. If you breach any policy of it the results will be confronted in the form of your account is temporary locked. If you have violated any of Facebook term or condition unmindfully and found your account blocked then it is always essential to justify your innocence to the platform by following tips given here. This is because you will not be able to access you account again if you will remain ideal after the locking of your profile on the Facebook.

How to Revive a Locked Facebook Account for Security Purpose

Why my Facebook Account is blocked for Security Reasons

Posting videos, commenting on posts of others and sending friend requests is very common task on Facebook platform. But then if you are going beyond of set limit in exploring new friends then you might be blocked in such scenario. Similarly there are scores of reasons which back the reasons for which Facebook temporarily locked for security causes. You might be unaware of your deeds which are accountable for getting your account locked on Facebook but still it is important to figure out them. All such reasons which can cost you in locking of your account are listed here below:

  • You might have sent friends requests in bulk which appears suspicious to Facebook.
  • Posting of content which is not found good by your friends and they begin to report on it in high number.
  • Trying to brand your product by different tricks which are opposite to the terms and conditions of Facebook.
  • Posting videos and pictures which irritate people and they complaints on such content.
  • Using your Facebook account from different devices can also bring the Facebook towards the point where it can suspect on your actions.
  • You might be making posts in high number which can be considered as bad and violation of policies of Facebook.

These are the most common reasons which accounts for the locking of a Facebook account easily. So you need to be very careful about these mistakes if you are a regular user of Facebook and don’t want to lose your social media friends.

Is it possible to revive a Facebook Account which has been blocked?

Just because your Facebook account has been blocked for security purpose it does not mean that you have lost it forever after. Of course there are possibilities of unblocking such accounts with simple and easy tricks. If your Facebook account temporarily locked then make sure that you are following the simple and effective tricks to restore it. Here you will get a complete guide for unlocking your account within shortest time period. Follow the tricks religiously so that you do not encounter any issue in solving getting out from the glitch of locked Facebook account.

Follow the easy and effective tricks given here for restoring your locked Facebook Account

If you are looking for the solutions of how to unlock Facebook account temporarily locked for security reasons then following ideas can effectively help you out. Eminent professionals have suggested the following ideas that can help you in coming out from the problem of locked profile of Facebook. You can blindly follow these tricks in order to ensure the best way to unlocking of your profile on the social media platform that is Facebook.

1. Try out log in your Facebook account by clearing Cookies

clearing cookies facebook

It is very tough to know about how to remove temporary block Facebook to access it freely like earlier. But here you will get very easy tricks to solve this glitch within snap of finger by professional suggestions.

  • If you have not cleared cookies for so long then make sure that you are involving in this task as soon as possible.
  • After clearing cookies you can give an attempt to Login your account again.

If problem persist then you may go for another tips which are listed below by the experts. This is because Facebook might be in requirement of more solid prove of your identity that you are not a threat to the security of users which are using Facebook for entertainment reasons.

2. Reset your account

One of the subtle idea which can work in a scenario when your Facebook account disabled for security reasons is that you can easily reset your account.

reset facebook account

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/login/identify

Make sure that you are very well aware of your credentials before going to reset your account as it will be required later on when you will try to log in after the completion of resetting it. Majority of the time account resetting will let you to resolve the glitch of locked profile of Facebook. It is very easy to reset your Facebook account at any point of time and you do not need to be professional for that as well. But still if you are facing the similar issue then figure out the following ideas listed here.

3. Get favour from your friends to restore locked Facebook account

If your account has been locked by Facebook for security causes and you are getting it harder to unlock it then take help from the friends in following way listed here.

  1. Visit the official website of Facebook that is www.Facebook.com.
  2. Then put your credentials on the required space where they are asking you for username and password.
  3. Once you complete this process try to click on help from friends.
  4. You can select the friend from which you want to seek the favour to unlock your account.
  5. Facebook will send a confidential number to the selected friend.
  6. You can put the same number by collecting it from your friend and it will help you to resolve your locked profile.

4. Justify your identity to Facebook in extreme situation

If you want to know about how to unblock Facebook account without if Proof so that your account could be unlocked then here are simple tricks for it.

  • Login to your account by using a different browser.
  • Put your credentials and try out restoring your account by answering few questions based on your actual identity.
  • You do not need to upload your passport or PAN card for that reasons but of course you have to prove that this is not a dummy account.
  • If Facebook find your answers suitable and correct then you can win the battle rest you need to bite the floor in other scenarios.

This is how you can try your hand in unlocking your account of Facebook easily if it is blocked for more than three days in a row.

4. Final medium of unlocking of your Facebook Account is providing your identity documents

Upload an ID to Facebook

If your Facebook temporary block then the final source you have to restore it is giving away your real identity proof to the platform. Provide your identity proof which verify your identity to the Facebook and that is how you can get rid of the issue of locked Facebook account easily.

Your immediate action after restoration of locked account on Facebook

By now you must have explored all the ideas of how to unlock Facebook account blocked for security causes. It is very fortunate that you have successfully unlocked your profile which has been blocked for a while to meet the security requirements. But make sure that you do not gets involved in the same actions of violating the policies of Facebook again just after the recovery of your account. Always be precautious about the following things once your account has been restored by the Facebook.

  1. Never ever try to send friend requests in high number to make more and more friends.
  2. Refrain from posting violent content which can cause communalism and hurt religious feelings of a person or society.
  3. Avoid making comments which are not liked by majority of people as it can also be reported as violation of the policies of Facebook.
  4. Make sure that you are using a couple of devices to access your account of Facebook and not going for handful of them.
  5. If you are asked to justify your identity by Facebook before the locking of your profile make sure that you take such messages very seriously on your end.

If you will follow the above points carefully you need not to search for how to unblock my Facebook account for again. This is because Facebook is very much strict when it comes to the security of the users and sometimes it takes strict actions for checking such informalities.

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