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Why You Should Use Facebook Widget on Your Website


What is Facebook Widget ?

Facebook has been a popular social networking site among millennials. It keeps them connected with the people in this digital and bustling world.

It enable users to share pictures, videos and status posts on the feed with just the help of a few clicks’ hence, making it the simplest platform to share their feelings without any technical knowledge.

Marketers have come up with the strategy of targeting these platforms in order to increase the engagement of their products. Initially, they were forced to shell out a huge amount on facebook advertisement.

Why You Should Use Facebook Widget on Your Website

Marketing your product on the social media has been made simpler and cost effective with the help of facebook widgets. You can embed the feeds on your website and turn that into a prompt and efficient platform.

Facebook widget is the best tool present today for growing your business on facebook. It is comparatively cheaper than the facebook advertisements and other marketing campaigns.

It allows you to embed facebook feeds to your website. If you own your brand’s facebook page, you can embed the widget on your website. Whenever you add a post on your facebook, it automatically gets updated on the site.

This helps your website stay up to the minute and users have something new to read every time they visit.

Benefits of embedding Facebook Widget on your website

Here are some of the important benefits of embedding facebook widget in your website.

1. Facebook widget enhance your website’s layout :

A website is an important element in a business affair. To make it neoteric, we should update it regularly not just with the blogs but with our facebook feeds as well.

Embedding feeds will keep your website up to the minute and will be more appealing for the users to see. UGC provides live content for your website which makes it a platform where users are able to access new content every now and then.

2. It helps in increasing engagement :

Facebook feeds can be used for embedding your user generated content on your website. This creates an advertising campaign with a large user involvement.

Seeing their stories, experiences and posts on the brand’s page encourages them to submit responses and share the trend among other users.

Integrating facebook feeds in your website drives a reasonable amount of traffic. User generated content adds up to the engagement by the word of mouth.

3. Facebook widget helps in lead engagement :

User generated content is all about mass involvement and their engagement towards your website and product. High engagement is a positive sign of lead generation. People love to see what others think about it rather than what marketers have to say.

A strong UGC campaign is the best marketing strategy. This builds a sense of trust and loyalty towards your brand.

4. Facebook widget is coding-free :

Embedding facebook widget is absolutely coding-free and does not require any expertise. Your feeds are just a few clicks away from your website.

It is the best and simplest tool to grow your business. Facebook widget saves us from the complex coding techniques and the tricky plugins as well.

5. It builds a relationship between the brand and their users :

Creating a user generating content helps the brand interact with the users which is usually not possible. It makes the people feel involved.

They get encouraged to submit their responses. It gives a direct message from the brand’s side that – WE CARE!!

A loyalty towards the brand is seen and the users are made to feel as a part of the brand.

6. Facebook widgets are economical :

Marketing your brand can be very exorbitant. But, user generated content is comparatively cost effective as the content is entirely generated by the audience.

The brands need not to shell out a large amount on brand awareness and building trust among their users.

7. Facebook widgets can be customized :

The major issue that arises while creating feeds is the pre designed templates which cannot be customized. This isn’t the case with facebook widgets.

With the help of powerful tools, theme catalogs, designs, layouts, color scheme and many more personalization features, you can make your website look more appealing.

Steps to embed facebook feeds to your website using Tagembed

Follow the simple and codefree steps to embed facebook widget to your website using Tagembed :

STEP 1 : Sign up to the Tagembed account. Login using the same credentials.

STEP 2 : Click on dashboard and then on My Widget. You will find your wall on the screen.

STEP 3 : Change the name of your wall (Eg: MyWall) if required.

STEP 4 : Click on embed widget. This will redirect you to the new tab.

STEP 5 : Select Facebook as the source.

STEP 6 : Select the facebook connection type among the options available i.e., HashTag(#), Mention(@), Handle(@), Favourites, Advanced, List.

(NOTE : You can just use one connection type at a time).

STEP 7 : Click on create feed.

STEP 8 : Login to your facebook account.

And we are done!!

Steps to generate embedding code to add the facebook feeds to your website using Tagembed

Follow the hassle free steps to generate the code and use that in any platform your website is built in :

STEP 1 : Click on the Embed Widget button. This redirects you to the new tab.

STEP 2 : Choose one of the platforms i.e., HTML, WIX, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify.

STEP 3 : Choose the height and width and make other changes as you require.

STEP 4 : Click on get code and copy it on the clipboard.

STEP 5 : Paste the code in your website editor and update the posts.

Wasn’t it that simple!!

You can embed the facebook widget in the sidebar, a single page of your website, or any other frame across the page.

In the nutshell, facebook feed widget is a competent tool that acquaints the user with the varied content of your website in the most seemly manner.

Lodge the facebook feed widgets today and increase your engagement among your target audience.

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