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Top 5 Alternative of Coke and Popcorn – Movie Streaming Sites


Video and movie streaming sites have diverted the interest of people from television to online movies as a source of entertainment. Today half of the population is totally cut off from television and prefer to watch online movies as per the interest and time. That is why movie streaming sites are coming in the limelight for good cause. The most popular site in this arena is coke and popcorn movie streaming site that help to get all types of movies legally. But unfortunately you cannot have an access of coke and popcorn site any longer as it is not in the air these days.

Top 5 alternative of coke and popcorn-movie streaming sites

There are various alternative sites that are exactly working on the footprints of Coke and popcorn listed below:

If you are a big fan of online movies then have a look upon these sites. You will not be able to keep yourself away from these alluring websites once you get a practise on using them for a while.

1. Tube Filter

This is the top website in the list of movie streaming sites for people who are obsessed with watching movies. People have started liking it even more than coke and popcorn site nowadays owing to its lucrative features. On searching a movie on this site you will get a list of them along with a little explanation about the every movie on the site. More you will also get mindful about the actor and actress playing their part in the movie from Tube Filter website easily. This is the reason why people are inclined towards watching movies on Tube Filter movie streaming site. Those having a obsession for the movies of their choice genre can watch best movie on Tube Filter anytime without any sort of interruption.

2. Popcorn Flix

If you are a big geek in exploring movies based on their Genre than Popcorn Flix website of movie streaming is designed for you. Here you will find an easy access to vivid variety of movies and TV shows very easily in just one snap of the finger. More now you do not have to get involved in the hefty process to reach your movie after so many efforts. Just one or two clock on your device and you will be able to play the movie right in front of you. Even sites like coke popcorn cannot give you such thrill of watching movies for free of cost.

Sift out your favourite move from the big range of library maintained by the Popcorn Flix according to the genre you like to watch. That is how a good experience can be availed in watching online movies on Popcorn Flix. Now do not make your journeys boring by staring on the strangers and looking out of the windows and just put your head in your favourite movies.

3. Yidio

If you cannot make it possible to take the subscription of expensive video streaming sites like Netflix, Crackle and Hulu than then Yidio is especially designed for you. Here you will get a good compilation of all the movies and videos that are available on these expensive websites. A big range of movies with easy accessibility on the give site make it best site like that of coke and popcorn movies sites. More while watching videos on the Yidio you are not prone to any kind of threat regarding the robbery of your data from the device that is being used for the access to movies. All these good security reasons and variety of movies on the site make Yidio as one of the best movie streaming site for the people.

4. Crackle

Watch original movies from Hollywood as well as Bollywood along with different Television shows on Crackle without any interruption. As long as your internet connection is alive you will not get any jerk while watching any sort of movie on this online movie streaming website. This is among the best coke and popcorn alternatives that are in the spotlight for best reasons. You will not be able to get out of this website as long as your device does not get drained off battery or internet connection. People from across the globe are involved in the use of Crackle to get quality experience in video and movie streaming without paying a single penny in return of it. So if you are a newbie in the world of online movie streaming then do add this website in your list for watching unlimited videos.

5. Snag Films

With a motif of giving a best platform to the people for free video and movie streaming Snag Films was launched in the year 2008. Since then it is making every possible effort to add as much as movies and documentaries in its library as possible. In a single decade time period the site has gained a good demand in the globe and people have started liking it to the core. New videos, TV series and shows, documentaries from around the world and what not is available on this website and everything is completely free of cost. More you will not find any editing or cutting to the official movie and it is provided as it is with original high quality print. So grab a good experience in watching your favourite movie by lying on a Sofa or bed with your ease.

These are some best online movie streaming sites that are famous these days among people. None of the above site charges any money from the viewers and you can go with them for free of cost. You can bookmark all these sites to maintain them easily to have the access anytime as per your requirement. There are so many other websites for online movie streaming which also works upon the same principle you can also try them out. That is how a good experience of movie streaming can be gained even the coke and popcorn site is no longer in existence.


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