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Understanding The Difference Between Septic System And Grease Trap System


There is a myth among lots of people that the septic system and grease trap system are two same systems that should be developed for smooth functioning of the plumbing system installed at their place. Whereas the fact is that there exists a huge difference between both of them. Where the former is used for collection of waste water being flushed through drains and then forwarding it to the main sewerage system of the locality. On the other side, the later is installed for stopping the flow of fats, oils and grease (FOG) into the septic tank. Because, if the flow of FOG through drainage and plumbing system is not controlled, there are chances that soon the septic tank of your place will overflow and you will require the need of an expert plumber having expertise in rectifying the issues related with the septic system plumbing.

Understanding The Significance Of The Residential Plumbing System

Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here that the problem of blockage in septic tank mainly arises with the systems installed in the restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, food processing industries, etc, where lots of manufacturing work is carried out and flushing of FOG elements is done at a huge level. If the abundance of FOG in septic tank is not controlled, it can damage the whole system by accumulating on the sides of the tanks, thus blocking it and let the water coming out from the tank and then spreading on the floor. Thus, in simple words it can be said that grease trap serves as the firewall for the smooth functioning of septic tank and protecting it from any severe damage due to the emergence of FOG released from the Grease Trap.

Therefore, as soon as you notice any type of blockage at the starting point of your drainage or plumbing system, it will be better to call the grease trap services Miami for cleaning it and making sure that the fats, oils and grease elements are stopped from moving into the septic tank. Interestingly, understanding the vitality of grease trap, it has been mandatory for various commercial organizations to look after the proper maintenance and the servicing of both the septic tank and grease trap for the smooth functioning of plumbing system. In the absence of which not only there will be blockage in the drainage system but also the water and waste material coming from the septic tank will start developing the bacteria and pungent odor that will spoil the environment of your surroundings, thus, affecting your health.

Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here more importantly is that trap grease may also get block due to flush of sanitary napkins, food elements, hairs etc. Therefore, installation of trap grease is not an assurance that there will be no blockage in the drains or septic tank or decline in its working efficiency, because there are various reasons apart from FOG which could equally affect the working of both the systems. Therefore, to enjoy flawless use of these systems, it is better to understand their working and the methods of using them.


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