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Cavities in Baby Teeth: Should You Get Baby Teeth Filled?


A smile of your baby – one thing that can relieve your stress and can work as a stress buster. Everyone goes aww about it. As parents, you do a lot to make sure that the smile on your baby’s face remains intact and for that, you do any and everything.

Cavities in Baby Teeth: Should You Get Baby Teeth Filled?

But have you ever thought about protecting this smile? What if a dental problem ruined their smile? Will you still go aww over it?

You might have come across cavities being talked about as the major concern. But how many of you have actually bothered to take your kids to the dentist and get them treated for cavities?
Cavities being such a major issue often goes ignored in a child especially when it is on the milk teeth. But did you know that one needs to get the treatment done for cavities even if it is on the milk teeth? The truth that the milk teeth stays in your kid’s mouth for like 12-14 years itself proves that we need to keep it clean and well maintained. The reason it is important to take care of your baby’s teeth is that:

  • Till the time the permanent teeth do not grow back, these milk teeth work as the main source of the nutrient. Having damaged milk teeth will not let the food enter the body which will eventually result in the undergrowth of your baby.
  • The milk teeth not only provide proper nourishment and care but also helps your child to speak better. It improves your child’s speaking ability and helps them to speak properly.
  • The milk teeth set the base for permanent teeth and having poor milk teeth will for sure result in poorly formed permanent teeth. This in the future would require undergoing smile correction treatment.
  • Poorly developed milk teeth can misalign your teeth causing incorrect jaw positioning and can cause issues with the bite resulting in an overbite, crossbite, etc.

The above-mentioned condition is what develop in a child if you do not look after your baby’s teeth. because children are too much inclined towards chocolates and sweets, therefore, they are in much danger when it comes to cavities. Even the infants are exposed to sugar through the milk they consume. Because children do not take proper care of their teeth, the sugar they consume is left behind which leads to bacteria build up which is the main reason for plaque accumulation. Dental plaque is a colorless sticky film which gets on the enamel of your teeth causing decay.

Once your kid’s tooth is exposed to decay, then it requires immediate attention because ignoring it for long has its own consequences. It can cause damage to the extent that there might be a case of getting the tooth extracted.

The procedure of getting the teeth filled is the same as that in adults. Once you look for the best pediatric dentist near me options online, you will come across kids’ specialist. When you visit the pediatric dentist, he/she will go through a thorough examination of your kid’s tooth and will then layout a proper treatment plan. The pediatric dentist normally suggests going ahead with either composite dental filling or with a metal dental filling. The other filling options such as gold and ceramic are often ignored if it is the case of kids filling.

The process of getting your kid’s tooth filled with a dental filling usually begin with your dentist drilling out the decay to the extent that is necessary. Then depending on the amount that has been extracted, your dentist will fill the area. Once this is been done, you need to maintain proper care of your tooth and go for regular twice a brushing, flossing and rinsing regime. This will ensure that your teeth are not damaged further.

Though the decay can be cured with the help of dental filling yet there are certain necessary precautions which parents can take in order to avoid decay.

  • Cut down the sugar content in your kids by limiting the consumption of beverages and sweets
  • Avoid giving milk in a bottle as soon as possible and keep a check that your child does not sleep with the milk bottle in the mouth
  • Teach your kids the good oral habits and if necessary perform the same with them
  • Take your child for dental visits twice a year to keep a check on their oral health. Kids dental care is equally important, and negligence is not acceptable.


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