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8 Top Tools to Manage Your Online Presence


All businesses want to know if too many people are talking about their products or services online. All big or small companies must monitor their online reputation to gain the trust of their existing customers as well as convert visitors. If businesses employ a few handy (paid or free) tools to get updates as to how people are engaging and reacting to their online marketing efforts, they can increase their revenues without spending a fortune. These are the top 8 tools to manage your online presence to discover what is working for you and what is causing your company to lag behind its competitors:

8 Top Tools to Manage Your Online Presence

1. Google Alerts

The trusty old Google Alerts never fails to deliver the desired results. There are thousands of companies that continue to receive Google alerts to help them experiment with their current web presence. Moreover, these insights are also valuable for future marketing efforts.

Since many people can access the content related to your business via Google, setting up a basic Google alert account to receive weekly or daily emails about any new web pages that contain your desired keywords is incredibly beneficial. Google Alert conveniently and regularly updates you to keep you informed about any new mentions of your chosen keywords.

2. Hyper Alerts

Hyper Alerts can be a valuable part of the online marketing strategy for businesses that heavily rely on their Facebook pages. This effective tool gives you unlimited updates without requiring a page administrator. This online tool keeps you up-to-date with all the activity and also sends out instant email notifications. Brands can also use it to observe competitor pages through email alerts.

3. Hootsuite

This is a popular social media management tool that is immensely helpful in maintaining all social networks under a single tab. With this tool, you can schedule future messages, engage with your followers, and study detailed social media analytics to know how the impact of your content marketing. You can receive basic analytics report, connect three social profiles, and schedule messages for free. However, with an upgrade for just $10 a month, you get an inclusive tool to connect around 50 profiles as well as receive more in-depth reports.

4. Social Mention

This online marketing tool works best for all large companies that receive hundreds of daily mentions across the web. Social Mention not only helps established brands to keep track of their progress, it also analyzes data from several different sources to identify the origin. Hence, it is a crucial tool that helps to customize your present and future marketing strategies.

5. Kissmetrics

With this tool, you get to segment your audience to target visitors by the way they made it to your site. One of the most favorite and widely used tools for improving and managing online presence, Kissmetrics can define triggers for engaging with customers solely by their actions. It is convenient to use and offers multiple design templates to start your optimization. Get a demo by visiting the site and witness how you can enhance your online reputation via automated segmentation.

6. Cyfe

This is an all-in-one dashboard for support, marketing, analytics and social media management. This tool helps you organize your business data in a convenient location. It also has several other features that monitor multiple websites and individual departments. All users can create their dashboards from scratch by using custom and pre-built widgets. This tool helps you be aware of everything you need to know for creating a solid online presence.

7. Reputology

Reputology offers analytics for customer service management for around $25 a month. It also sends you alerts as well as time-sensitive emails regarding all negative customer experiences. With an in-depth summary report of user feedback that will help you to respond to your customers, the tool successfully identifies all areas that need improvements within your business domain. You can integrate it with other social media management tools, including Hootsuite.

8. If This Then That

We all know about IFTTT or If This Then That. This recent automation tool has added tremendous convenience to modern marketing strategies, which involves ‘putting the internet to work’ by connecting different online platforms and devices. This system creates what is popularly known as a ‘recipe.’ This automation script helps you receive notifications, content backups, and many other details. By selecting a public recipe and replicating what others are doing with IFTTT, you can create your version of a recipe to keep track of your desired elements.

Final Thoughts

All these tools help you manage your online reputation by offering in-depth reports and alerts. While it is important to maintain a good online reputation, associating your brand name with a hashtag is also a proven method of boosting your online presence. Just make sure the hashtag you use spells out what you are offering to your customers. You can use it for referring traffic from social media through viral campaigns and your customers. At keen.com.mt, we strive hard to manage and improve your online presence so you can enjoy more business and a steady stream of satisfied customers.


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