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Tips to Repair Your Damaged Hair: Causes and Treatments


Have you ever suffered from damaged hair? How did you handle the damage? Did you realise the cause of your damaged hair? Well, damaged hair is more than split ends as there are other major factors which can cause permanent damage to your hair if not well taken care of.

In most cases, hair damage may become difficult to repair because hair is a collection of dead cells which may, therefore, make the situation permanent. Therefore, if your hair becomes permanently damaged, you should find ways to prevent new damage.

However, if your hair is extremely damaged, you should not despair because, with the right hair care and frequent hair treatments, you can manage to restore the outer cuticle and regain your original hair look and feel.

How to Take Care of Dry Damaged Hair

Sometimes, you understand what caused your damaged hair and, therefore, you should take caution to prevent further damage. This way, you will be able to improve the look and protect your hair. Below are some tips to help you repair your damaged hair:

1. If the damage is caused by hair dye

If the damage is caused by hair dye

Chemical dyes can cause permanent damage to your hair. Whether you want to cover those white hairs developing or you want to change the original shade of your hair, dying your hair can have repercussions that last longer than the colour. Chemical dyes make your natural hair dry, and this makes the smooth hairs coarse to touch.

Follow these tips to prevent further damage as a result of dying:

Stay on one shade

Choose a dye which is close to your natural hair look, and always opt for darker dyes instead of the lighter ones to minimise damage. Unnatural colours may be tough to maintain as they require frequent treatments.

Dye less often

Prolong the time between touch-ups. You can probably do touch-ups after 10 weeks from the previous dye jobs. To make this more achievable, you should stick to shampoos which are strictly formulated for dyed hair. Also, ensure you minimise the number of times you wash your hair. You can also apply keratin treatment to maintain a smooth and shiny look. Lastly, avoid hot water when rinsing the shampoo and the conditioner as hot water rinse out the dye.

2. Damage as a result of bleaching

Damage as a result of bleaching

Bleach works by doing away your natural hair colour from each strand. Bleach may cause permanent hair damage because it affects the inner parts of the hair strand. Bleach removes moisture from the hair leaving it brittle, weak and fragile.

You can limit further damage by following these hair damage solutions:

Bleach less frequently

Reduce the number of times you bleach your hair if you want to keep your hair healthy.

Add moisture

Before bleaching your hair, ensure that it is well moisturised. Also, ensure you do not engage in other hair damaging activities like heat styling. Such practices weaken your hair, leading to damage.

Use sun protection

Bleached hair has high chances of being damaged by the UV rays. To avoid this, ensure your hair is well wrapped to protect your scalp.

3. Damage as a result of using heat tools

Damage as a result of using heat tools

High heat on your hair can damage your hair fibres leading to raised cuticles and porous hair. Too much heat on your hair makes it susceptible to permanent damage.

Here are some good ways of preventing hair damage from heat tools:

Blow-dry from a distance

Holding the blow dryers few centimetres from your hair protect it from direct heat thus preventing damage.

Use a heat protection product

The heat protecting products ensure that your hair does not split at the ends. They generally prevent damages resulting from extreme heat.

Go natural

You can choose to maintain a natural look on your hair or embrace heat-free hairstyles to prevent any escalating hair damage.


For you to prevent further damage to your hair, you must first understand the things you did wrong to find your hair damage solution. Ensure you apply the right products on your hair, and avoid other damaging activities to your hair. Always have your services done in a hair salon as that will give you access to professional advice from your hairdresser.


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