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How to Make Homemade Hair Care Products


Why go homemade?

Mother nature has a stove of ingredients that can make beautiful body and hair care products, which can give yourself a natural inner glow. Learn the art of going DIY and experience lustful effectiveness and deep satisfaction after having created the product yourself.

How to Make Homemade Hair Care Products

What are the main ingredients to get started?

Essential oils are greatly used in these bath and hair care products. They stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Also, superfoods like eggs, honey, avocado, cantaloupe, and yogurt are excellent ingredients used in hair conditioners. They soften and moisturize your hair giving you very few of those bad-hair days!

Also, ingredients like Epsom salts, apple cider vinegar, tea, aloe vera gel, beer such as Victoria beer, and baking soda can create excellent home based(made) shampoos. They make black hair shinier as well as remove dandruff.

You require only a quirky mind, some good blogs and an affinity for reading and experimenting to master such homemade recipes and ta-da! You can be ready to sell too!

Some shampoo recipes

Shampoo 1

1. Take ¼ cup of warm water in a bottle.
2. Add ¼ cup of organic liquid castile soap in the bottle.
3. Add ½ tsp of sunflower or olive oil to the mixture and shake well until blended.

Your DIY shampoo is ready to use!

Shampoo 2

● coconut milk,
● ¼ cup liquid castile soap,
● 20 drops of essential oils of your choice (peppermint/lavender/rosemary/orange) or combinations of these.
● (for very dry hair you can add ½ tsp olive or almond oil.)

Combine all the ingredients in an old bottle. If using a foaming dispenser, add ¼ cup of distilled water. Shake well before use.

The quirkiest side product: Just mix ¼ cup of distilled water to this to create a shaving cream out of this. Well, it isn’t a solution for ingrown hair like pfb vanish, but it sure does provide a smoothening effect like this vanish does.

Baking soda shampoo recipe

● 1 tbsp of sodium bicarbonate, popularly known as baking soda
● 1 cup of soft water. Avoid heavy water to make it really effective.
● 1 empty old shampoo bottle

• Mix the water and the baking soda.
• Double the proportion of this mixture according to your need.
• Shake the bottle vigorously and the shampoo is ready.
• Every time before use, squirt a little on wet hair.
• Massage it well and rinse after some time.
• Make sure to rinse off all the soda, as residues can make the hair coarse.

So, as a beginner to DIY haircare products, try these very simple recipes and you are sure to turn out a pro!

haircare products

Natural conditioner recipes:

Conditioner 1
• Pour ½ cup of pure honey in a small container.
• Add 3 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of guar gum and 4 drops of rosemary essential oil to the bottle.
• Mix well till blended. Apply this to damp hair, coating the hair well.
• Cover your hair with a shower cap for approximately 30 mins. Rinse with cool water.

Conditioner 2
• Crack 2 eggs in a bowl.
• Add ½ cup distilled water.
• Pour 1 tbsp olive oil and veg glycerine to the mixture.
• Add 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar and whisk
• Cover with a shower cap and keep for 20 mins before rinsing.

Hair growth recipes

• Pour 4 cups of warm water into a container.
• Add a few drops of lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey to the bottle.
• Apply to hair

It gives moisture and sheen to the hair. You need to have soft and shiny hair no matter what you’re wearing. You can never go wrong with open hair while attending a party in a little black dress, on a beach in a bikini, girls day out in casual white dress, heading out for office in formals.You cannot visit your stylist every time you head out, so the best option would be having natural silky and smooth hair.

Hair growth recipes

Homemade Coconut Oil

Now comes one if the most popularly demanded recipe of homemade coconut oil. We have been cheated by thousands of companies claiming their oil to be pure and organic. They may be right, they may be wrong. But, making it in your kitchen has no second alternative.

Homemade Coconut Oil

Here you go:

● Step1: extract the flesh from the coconut. Once done, grate it.
● Step 2: you need to extract the coconut milk from the coconut by squeezing the flesh with your hands in a muslin cloth. Keep a bowl below the cloth. Collect the liquid in a bowl. Add a few drops of hot water to it to make it easy to handle and squeeze out all the milk.
● Step 3: Once you have extracted the coconut milk, sieve it using a muslin cloth to remove all the impurities.
● Step 4: Place the coconut milk in a brass vessel, and put it on fire. cook for 2 to 3 hours on a low flame.
● Step 5: Keep stirring it every now and then. Till the milk becomes brownish in color, It is very important to be careful that it doesn’t burn. Coconut milk can have a very delicate texture.
● Step 6: Once it becomes concentrated, remove it from the heat and cool it down. Place the thickened milk in a muslin cloth and squeeze out all the oil. Collect it in a bowl and store it in a plastic bottle.

This homemade coconut oil can easily last for a year or at least 10 months. Be sure to place it in an airtight container and not leave it out in the open. Contamination can make it lose its qualities. There are many health benefits of dark chocolate in improving skin and hair quality, you can try some chocolates for fun and taste.

So, try these recipes for a beginner, and in a short while, you will be able to cook up your own DIY concoctions of hair care products and even sell them like a pro!

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