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Types Of Waterproofing Method Every Homeowner Should Be Aware Of


Building be it commercial or residential should have a proper waterproofing system in place. Waterproofing services in Maryland proffer professional waterproofing service to keep any plumbing related issues in your building at bay.

Types Of Waterproofing Method Every Homeowner Should Be Aware Of

A building without adequate waterproofing system in place is prone to molds, fungus, which if left unconnected and untreated, can damage the structural integrity of the building. Furthermore, these seemingly harmless molds and fungus can have a detrimental impact on occupants health. Breathing air contaminated with spores can lead to lung problems, and it can also aggravate the condition of people living with allergies.

Following methods can be deployed to prevent the penetration of water:

Cementitious Method of Waterproofing

This method is considered as an easy one as materials for this type of proofing are readily available. The construction companies can get these materials from masonry products suppliers. This method is suitable for areas, which are damp most of the time, like toilets and bathrooms. The waterproofing done by this method is either rigid or semi-flexible. There is no exposure to sunlight and other environmental changes, so this waterproofing does not expands or contracts.

Uses of Cementitious Waterproofing

The structure where this waterproofing is suitable includes:

  • Plants for treatment of water Water Treatment Plants
  • Treatment of sewage Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Dams & Bridges
  • Railway and Subway Systems
  • Ports and Docks
  • Locks or Channels on rivers
  • Dykes made of concrete
  • Structures made for parking
  • Parking Lots

Membrane Method Liquid Waterproofing

In this waterproofing method, a thin primer coat is applied on the surface along with two topcoats. Spray, roller, or trowel is used to apply the topcoats. The flexibility of this method is more than that of cementitious one. The liquid coat penetrates the rubbery coating on the wall. The layer has excellent elongation property, which can reach up to 280%. The polymer used determines the durability of making an area waterproof. The waterproofing consists of a liquid membrane, which includes polymer-modified asphalt. Homeowners can find this waterproofing material from different developers.

Waterproofing through Bituminous Coating

The bituminous coating makes a flexible protective coat over the surface on which it is applied. The flexibility depends upon its polymerization grade, and the waterproofing property relies on the degree of polymer used to manufacture it. Along with polymer, reinforcement of fiber is also done. Bituminous coating is also known as asphalt coating and is used in the places that are below screed wet. It is usually used on concrete foundations.
The coating should not be exposed to sunlight as it is made from materials whose main ingredient is bitumen. The material is a very flexible bit; the flexibility depends upon the amount of solid substance used in its manufacturing.

Waterproofing through Bituminous Membrane

A popular waterproofing way and is applied on roofs with a steep slope. It is a self-adhesive membrane made from self-adhesive materials. These materials include polymers, asphalt, and filler. Along with these materials, resins and oils are also used for improving its adhesive properties. It is not a durable material as bonding property is reduced with time. Torch applied on the membrane can either be exposed or be covered. The exposed one is more durable as it withstands environmental conditions.

Waterproofing through Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

This method is employed on flat roofs and is very expensive. It is very flexible and sensitive to moisture.

Wrapping up

Aforementioned are some of the waterproofing methods, with which different areas of the building can be waterproofed. Consult a professional waterproofing company in Maryland to determine which will be the most suitable one for your home.

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