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The Ultimate Guide to New Cat Ownership: 5 Things You Must Know


You’re ready to take your first venture into pet ownership with a cat. It seems like an easier alternative than a dog when it comes to housetraining. You can still have the cuddles without the noise. Cats are a great alternative if you spend long days on the job or have a smaller living space. Before you run out on the spur of the moment, take some valuable tips about owning a cat.

The Ultimate Guide to New Cat Ownership

● Be Prepared for a Vet Bill

Whether you get your cat at a pet shop, a shelter, or the house on the corner, you will need an evaluation from a veterinarian. The vet will examine your kitty to make sure it is in good health. You will also be provided with a vaccine schedule for cats, including rabies and other important feline vaccinations. Talk to your vet about having your cat spayed or neutered to avoid unwanted complications. Your vet will suggest a healthy diet for your cat. Plan on making visits once a year for a checkup. If you adopt your kitten or adult cat from an animal shelter, some of the vaccines may have already been administered. Many shelters include spaying or neutering surgery as a perk for adopting. You are keeping the excess cat population from growing. That means fewer cats are sent to the shelter.

● Purchase All the Necessities First

Everything your cat needs should be waiting when you bring home your furry companion. Plan on purchasing a high-quality cat litter box if your new pet will be an indoor cat. Allowing your cat to go outdoors puts it at risk of injury, illness, or getting lost. You’ll need the right model and the right space for your litter box. It should be someplace out of the way where your cat will have privacy. Don’t forget dishes for food and water. You can place them on a waterproof mat that is easy to clean. Pick out a healthy variety of cat food and treats. Choose toys that will keep your cat stimulated when it is feeling playful. You’ll bond when you have fun together.

● Your New Addition will Need Time to Adjust

Don’t be surprised if your cat hides the instant you get home. Prepare by closing any doors ahead of time where you don’t want your kitty to be. Arrange inviting spaces for your cat, such as a cat tower by a window, a cat bed, and a cat house. When your cat does come out to explore, give it time to become acquainted with its new environment. When your cat is ready to snuggle, set aside kitty and your time. This is your chance to lather affection on a sweet creature that can make your life more fulfilling.

● Go Slowly with New People and Pets

You and your home are something new for your cat. It can be overwhelming to make a transition to a new living space. If you have other members of the household, everyone should be mindful of the new addition to the family. Avoid loud noises or bombarding the cat all at once. Remind your family to be quiet and gentle. If the cat doesn’t want to be picked up or pet, don’t force it. It may need time to warm up to everyone. Be especially cautious with other pets. You may even want to keep another pet in a separate room when you bring the cat in the house. Limit time spent together and supervise them closely to see how they get along. Consider keeping them in different rooms when no one is home or using a gate until you feel comfortable leaving your pets together. Post signs on your exterior doors to advise people to keep the cat from going outside. Remind everyone in the household to avoid leaving the door open, always watching for the cat whenever they leave or come in.

● Take Your Cat for a Walk

Your cat can enjoy the great outdoors with a little creativity. You can purchase a leash and harness for daily walks or simply to sit out in your yard. If you have a screened porch, your kitty will feel like it is outside. Hang bird feeders by your windows for entertainment.

Owning a cat could be the best decision you ever made. Plan ahead so you both will make the adjustment of living together with ease. As you get to know each other, you can enrich each other’s world.

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