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How To Get Your Dog To Pose For The Photo


Let’s face it, when it comes to taking photos of our dogs, even the most skilful photographer can have a hard time catching a good shot. And yes, we know how much you all like to brag with your adorable pooches on Instagram. So we do get the struggle!

But believe it or not, learning photography and getting a more than decent picture of your dog is doable. Obviously, with the right advice and training from us.

How To Get Your Dog To Pose For The Photo

For all of you out there trying to convince your dogs to sit and smile at the camera, here’s our 5 expert advice to get your furry friend to pose like supermodels.

1. Don’t Try To Convince Your Dog To Sit For The Photos

Maybe the most important advice we can give you today is that you should not try and force your dog to pose. Same goes if you’re looking for kids or male posing ideas.

Forcing an untrained dog to do something will not only exhaust the both of you, but will also affect the outcome you are looking for in your pics. A dog will never shine in photos as long as he’s not allowed to move and behave freely. And be what he should be, a happy dog!

It’s better to be patient and snap as many pics as it takes till you manage to catch a good angle of him. The more shots you take, the more likely you are to end up with some amazing photos but don’t forget that in the end, the whole experience should be fun and relaxing.

And as a final note on this, unlike humans, dogs always look good in pictures. So rest assured, pretty much all your pics will turn out to be frame worthy.

2. Catch Them When They Sleep

You must agree that some of the most adorable snaps online are of dogs sleeping.

Seeing a pooch which sleeps peacefully while at the same time looking so vulnerable, makes even the hardest of hearts melt. Also, by shooting your dog when it sleeps will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary stress. Not to mention you can capture his true state while he’s chasing rabbits and unicorns in his dreams.

3. Tempt Him With Treats

If you are still determined to get your dog to do a bit of posing, having some treats at hand might just do the trick.

The easiest way to get your pet to look at the camera is by showing him a treat. Or his favourite toy!

Treats are especially helpful when you’re dealing with a dog model which has endless amounts of energy and can never stand still.

4. Pose With Him

Joining your dog in the picture can make him feel more comfortable. Also, this could be a great opportunity to have some heart whelming portraits of the two of you together.

The only thing is that you’ll need someone else to do the pictures. Or, if you feel skilful enough you can even take some adorable self-portraits by yourself.

Every dog lover should have some beautiful pictures of his best friend to share proudly with friends and family. Hopefully these 4 tips here will help you become a skilled dog photographer in no time.

But if you want to take your photography skills to the next level, a professional course on manual photography can do just that.


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