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Leashes or Harnesses: The Better Option for Your Dog


Keeping dogs on the leash is not only unpleasant for them but also unhealthy. Dogs are social animals, and they enjoy playing with other pets or their owner, sniffing new scents, etc. They often get anxious when they cannot do anything because they are tied up.

Leashes or Harnesses: The Better Option for Your Dog

This can lead to many problems – barking, chewing, and digging. It is not a surprise that most dogs develop behavioral issues because they spend their time tied up on a leash and aren’t allowed to socialize properly.

Step-in Dog Harness: Good or Bad?

According to many professionals, step-in harnesses are best for dogs, as they let them stay comfortable and secure, while also not restricting their movements or constraining them.

For example, the Voyager step in harness, one of the most popular models on the market today, has a unique design with plastic attachment rings and soft, air-flow materials, which make it comfortable for dogs to wear even in hot weather or during intense activity.

One of the reasons why the step-in harness is so effective is that it closely mimics how dogs naturally walk. When owners walk their dogs with step-in harnesses, it is much easier for them to control their pets and maintain a calm, stress-free environment.

Passive vs. Active Correction

The step-in harness has a leash attachment on the back, and also a metal ring on the front. While many people choose to attach their leash to this metal ring, professional dog trainers recommend using leash attachment on the front of the harness.

It is called the “front ring,” It works by tightening across your pet’s chest when it pulls too much or tries to run forward. In most cases, dogs get used to this sensation quickly, and stop pulling on the leash.

Once they know that pulling makes the harness tighten, they learn not to pull on the leash.

Leash Attachments Are Good for Some Dogs

The leash attachment on the back of a step-in harness is designed primarily for very large dogs. This attachment works by letting go when the tension becomes too much for the owner to handle and tightens again as soon as necessary. It is ideal for owners who like to have full control over their pets during walks.

The leash attachment on the front, on the other hand, has an entirely different purpose. It tightens when the dog pulls too much, and it is designed to teach your dog not to pull. It is a much better option for owners who want their pets to be more independent during walks.

How to Attach Your Leash to a Step-in Harness

To attach your leash to the front ring of this harness, you need to first hook it on the metal ring on the back of the harness. After that, you need to pull both metal rings toward each other and attach them.

Once you attach your leash to the metal ring on the back of your Voyager step-in harness, you need to quickly release it and tighten it again because this is how the harness works during everyday use. If you don’t do this, your pet will not get the “front ring” correction, essential during walks.

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