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Essential Preparations Before Petting Exotic Fish


Not all exotic fish require extensive care, but preparations should be made before petting one. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to provide them with a healthy environment. To know more about exotic fish, visit the expert platforms like Helpusfish.

Essential Preparations Before Petting Exotic Fish

Through such platforms, you will learn what to do for the essential preparations before petting exotic fish.

1. Setup Your Aquarium

To keep your exotic fish happy and healthy, the first thing you need to prepare is to set up an aquarium. The size of the aquarium varies with the number of exotic fishes you will keep. It should be enough to avoid overcrowding which can lead to low oxygen levels in the water. After setting up the tank, wipe with a damp cloth and clean inside and outside without using any cleaning agents.

2. Setup Optimal Aquarium Water Conditions

A proper environment is essential for your exotic fish. Water temperatures in an aquarium should not change quickly as it can wreak havoc on aquatic life. Tropical fish need a temperature between 24˚ and 27˚ C. Consider buying an aquarium heater that will help you maintain the proper temperature. You also need to buy a pH test kit. It helps check the pH level, which is an indicator of your water tank’s alkaline level. The ideal pH level should rest between 6.5 and 7.0 to offer a natural environment for your fish.

3. Invest in a Filter

It is important to keep the water clean for your exotic fish. In the rivers and lakes, water is cleansed naturally, but you need proper filtration in an aquarium. Invest in a decent filter that will keep the water in the tank clean by removing debris, pollutants, and waste.

4. Consider Adding an Air Pump

To keep the water moving and keeping the aquarium oxygenated, use an air pump. Pumps come in different sizes, and you can choose the ideal one depending on your aquarium’s water capacity.

5. Lighting

To bring your tropical fish to life, aquariums must have good lighting. Some aquariums come with built-in lighting systems, while others require separate lighting. When viewing your pet fish, lighting will add more color to the small creature, making it look more vibrant and attractive. You can also visit the fish petting advice platforms like Helpusfish to get more information.

6. Add Gravel

Gravel serves as a decoration and also acts as a substrate for the live plants. You should add at least 1.5 to 2 pounds of gravel for every gallon of aquarium water. Before adding the gravel, make sure to rinse it thoroughly.

7. Add Plants and Greenery

Ensure that the aquarium’s conditions replicate the natural habitat as close as possible. Give your fish places to hide in the aquarium by keeping live or artificial plants in the aquarium. You can also add decorative rocks.

8. Filling the Aquarium

The aquarium is now ready to be filled up with water. If you are using tap water, make sure you use a dechlorinating agent that makes tap water safe for fish. After filling the tank, plug in the heater and filter and wait 24 hours before you keep your pet in the aquarium.

With a little planning and effort, you may prepare a feasible aquatic life before bringing your exotic pet home. Watch and admire these fascinating creatures regularly while checking on their appearance, behavior, and appetite.

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