Home Web Quick Guide: Top Website Problems And Their Solutions

Quick Guide: Top Website Problems And Their Solutions


Wondering what problems a website could have? Here are the top issues and prevention measures you need to consider.

A company website is a critical meeting place between the company and the clients. Proper maintenance of the sites that determine company conversations and performance is crucial. Consider the best reseller hosting with WHMCS company for running your website without any interruptions. Meanwhile here are some common website problems you need to know about.

Quick Guide - Top Website Problems And Their Solutions

Dormant Websites

Some businesses never check the websites after they upload it online and therefore become dormant. There should be an administrator and marketer to manage the site and to improve Google ranking. The best reseller hosting with WHMCS can guarantee continuous maintenance when you choose the right plan.

The professional website specialists should be tasked with technical maintenance to avoid accidents resulting from guesswork and for quality performance. Hiring an internal developer for web maintenance is more costly compared to outsourcing support. Relieving technical burdens gives the employees ample time to create quality web content.

Old Web Design

Using outdated web designs may result in omitting aspects that promote its success. A good website should present a business brand effectively. About 40% of companies consider building a professional and modern website as a priority.

The role of web design specialists is to create perfect websites and ensure the use of the current best technology to guarantee optimum performance. Graphic or logo designers are not the most suitable people for web development. They ignore professional and modern design standards, best practices for Google, the responsiveness of the website on different devices, social media integration, and sales focus. Therefore, consider a web design specialist and always check the quality of the site to see if it needs redesigning.

Lack of Periodical Backup

About 70% of WordPress websites are vulnerable to hacking. Back up the site at least once a week to avoid colossal data losses in case of an attack. It is easy to restore a website with proper backup. Always learn how to revive the site in case of an attack after setting up the plugin. There is software that can back up the website automatically. To be on the safe side, ensure consistent backup, explore recovery options earlier, perform multiple backups, and avoid backing up on the same server hosting the website.

Poor Optimization

There is a high probability that prospective customers will search for the product on Google before finding your website. They will enter the keywords related to the products in question. To ensure the site is listed, update it with relevant content. Each page should contain content that sounds natural and titles with specific keywords. Adding different keywords on different pages may land the website in a good position in the Google ranks.

Most users may not necessarily access the homepage. They may land on specific blog posts, which necessitates robust calls to action on the web pages. The top pages should have compelling content that attracts related calls to action. Customers move to the next step when it is clear it is what they want. The standard call to action includes calling business numbers, sending the message via the website, subscribing to news, and likes and sharing of the page on social media sites. It is a strategy to let the customer perform certain things on the site like sharing and downloading. But marketing popups negatively affect a customer’s browsing experience.

Absence of Sharing Options

Most web users like sharing exciting content. Create social media accounts for the business and provide social media sharing options on the website. Sharing increases the audience at no cost and drastically lowers the marketing cost for the company.

Time Intensive Website Tasks

Managing a website may be time-consuming, especially when done by unqualified people. Hiring a team or using content management systems may save on time and money. To be sure of the time wasted managing the website, conduct a personal audit on time spent on the site. If more business time goes to waste for managing the website, consider delegating it.

Absence of Website Conversion Tracking and Metrics
It is essential to know the content and keywords that attract traffic to the website. Consider using Google Analytics for tracking to get insight into the content that needs attention. Also, analyze the data to establish areas of improvement.

Lack of Focus on Website Ranking

The best ranking is an essential quality in the competitive online world. Listing allows customers to access the website easily. To achieve better ranking, perform a speed test, apply the best SEO techniques, and consistently update relevant and unique content on the site.

Unpleasant User Experience on Mobile Devices

Currently, most people access websites using their mobile phones. An excellent website should display all the web content regardless of the screen size of the gadget used. Therefore, test the site on different devices to establish responsiveness. Also, consider using mobile responsive designs while building the website.


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