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6 Ways To Spend The Holidays Without Plumbing Disasters


Preparing for the holiday usually involves cleaning and decorating before visitors arrive. The last thing to think about is a messy plumbing disaster. You are less likely to think about pipes when preparing for Christmas. Ignoring these is brewing disasters in the heat of the season. With visitors around and the immense preparation, you are likely to use the plumbing system more than usual. The household plumbing system ensures the comfort of your guests. Here are tips to help you enjoy this holiday season without plumbing disasters.

6 Ways To Spend The Holidays Without Plumbing Disasters

Drain cleaning before the guests arrive

Ensure to inspect your drains to see whether you need to do some cleaning. There is a possibility of food residue getting trapped in the bottom of the kitchen drains. Additionally, hair might get trapped in the bathtub drains. Invest in drain screens to limit unwanted objects from going down and clogging the drains. Hard water usually encourages the buildup of calcium around faucets. This inhibits water flow and encourages blockage.

Products including vinegar can clear this residue. For lingering smells in the sink drains, pour hot water down the drain. Afterward, use vinegar or baking soda to clean out the drains. Before your garbage is collected clean the disposal by grinding ice cubes and slicing lemon in it. These simple tricks will give your home a clean and refreshing look.

Clear all clogs

With the guests present your toilets, sinks, and garbage disposal are obviously going to work overtime throughout the holiday period. To avoid disasters, call plumbers in Sacramento CA to take preventive measures. These will include clearing any clogs in your plumbing system. Another preventive measure is to be mindful of the waste going through the drain. Avoid discarding grease and oil in the sink when cooking by placing it in the garbage.

Set aside some cans and jars where to pour the oil or grease without discarding it in the sink. Oil and grease have the potential to cause significant long-term damage to plumbing pipes when poured in the sink. The garbage disposal is going to work nonstop when preparing holiday meals. Throw big items in the trash and don’t put bones and other hard items in the garbage disposal. When using the disposal, always keep the water running.

Check water flow

Ensure to check the water pressure in the toilets before the guests arrive. Flush and monitor water flow and speed. Listen for any strange noise and slow movement when flushing. Never hesitate to call a plumber to check the cause of the funny noise. Keep a plunger handy so guests won’t have to hunt it everywhere.

Have the trash bin easily accessible to make it easy for guests to throw away items that can’t be flushed including sanitary napkins and baby wipes. A septic system is necessary for toilets prone to clogging. Have the septic tank pumped after every 2 to 3 years to avoid getting full when having guests around. Pumping the septic tank also limits sewage back up and prevents clogging. Now is the time to do this before your guests arrive.

Examine the water heater

The holiday season comes with winter. No guest will enjoy taking a cold shower. Therefore check the water heater to ensure that it will handle the extra workload throughout the season with the guests around. Look for leaks or strange sounds from the water heater. If your unit is several years old, call a professional plumber to give it an expert eye. This allows making appropriate repairs or getting a replacement before your guests arrive.
Your water heater might need having the temperature adjusted so guests enjoy hot water baths and showers. It requires a plumber to make proper temperature adjustments to avoid setting too high leading to burns. The high temperature on the water heater also comes with a hike in the energy bill.

Protect pipes from freezing

The winter season requires protecting your plumbing pipes from freezing. During this period temperatures considerably drop and freezing might persists for quite some time. This comes with a risk of making your plumbing to freeze leading to significant damage. Let the faucets drip with warm water and open the cabinets for warm air to enter. Additionally, disconnect all water hoses and cover those above the ground.

Check the angle stops

The plumbing system is bound to get overworked during the holiday season. This might cause leaks and clogs leading to busting of the hose or pipe. You can lessen this risk by knowing the location of the angle stops. These are shutoffs under sinks that need moving back and forth a few times periodically to avoid corrosion and rusting. Angle stops that don’t move require replacement by a plumber. Those working efficiently need regular exercise to avoid clogs and leaks. Turn off the water supply after a pipe burst or leak to avoid a flooding disaster.


Checking your plumbing and applying appropriate repairs and replacements will ensure a disaster-free Christmas holiday. This will save you from the hassle of panicking to save the day with your guests present.

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