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Ready to Jeep? Off Road Trails in Colorado to Entertain Your Business Partners


Looking for bright attractions for your business partners, pay attention to Colorado Jeep Tours. This is a kind of scenic and informative attraction than everyone will like and remember. Of course, Jeep rental in Denver can help you to pick the best car of the price category you need and can afford. How about taking a tour to the Royal Gorge, Red Canyon, or historic district of Cripple Creek? South and central Colorado welcomes you with a variety of trails! You can take a professional tour or rent a jeep and go to investigate the territory around on your own.

Ready to Jeep - Off road Trails in Colorado to Entertain Your Business Partners

Ready to Jeep?

What are the Biggest Advantages of Renting Jeep?

1. Powerful car

You can hardly find something more powerful than jeep. Colorado is a territory of unexpected weather. You shouldn’t worry about sudden rain, snow, mud, or rocks. Jeep has enough power to cross any kind of off-roading.

2. Great visibility

Jeep is higher than other cars. You can see everywhere around! That’s so great if your car provides such a great visibility. High up!

3. Fun to drive

Definitely, jeeps are safe and the most comfortable cars! They look extremely powerful and reliable. They are really fun to drive, even on a muddy road.

Do you Want More Adventures?

Here are Interesting Places to Visit in Colorado

• Go to Wagon Wheel Trail System

The unique territory of abandoned villages starts not far from Colorado. It takes you through the White River Forest and offers many challenges for you and your passengers. As a rule, people come here to stay for weekend or even longer. Of course, there is much to explore! You can find a good camping place or a perfectly organized campsite. The village and forest territory is riddled with tourist trails, including jeep off-roading, hiking trails, and a vast number of scenic stops and picnic places.

• Go to see Alpine Loop

This is a classic offroad trail that every adventurous tourist should try. It is about 65 miles long and consists of smooth and rocky passages. This is a place where you can combine the useful with the pleasant. Have you even visited a ghost town? Many of them can be accessed with the help of a Jeep only. If you like mountain ride, you can go two ways through Cinnamon Pass or Engineer Pass. Here you can admire the most beautiful views just from the car. The scenic landscapes are at every turn.

• Go to State Forest

You should go 3 hours to the north from Denver to close in on one of the most visited places in Colorado. It’s all about the State Forest. This is a huge territory of wilderness with many interesting trails and attractions for tourists. You can continue your way in Jeep or go on foot. If you are a newcomer in offroading, crossing, and climbing, you can pick one of the easiest tourist trails.

• Go to Grand Mesa Forest

This is one more natural miracle you have to see in Colorado. This is not a park and not a forest only. Actually, this is a huge territory with more than 150 miles of adventurous Jeep trails. You will cross plenty of muds, rocks, high hills, and scenic meadows. You can stop for selfies on the grassland and train your willpower on the highlands. The hidden lakes and secret ponds are waiting for your kind visit. There is much to see and to explore. How about fishing or boating? You can stop the car whenever you want and break new grounds.

• Go to Yankee Hill

According to the name of this place, you should drive your Jeep up in the mountains. What a panoramic view you can see! By the way, don’t expect it would be easy to get to the top of the hill. Sometimes, you should leave your car and continue your way on foot. Unlike the highest mountains, Yankee Hill can be reached by car if only you rented a powerful Jeep. Pay attention to St. Mary’s trail. It consists of many high peaks and extraordinary mountain passages. Not everyone is able to get to the Kingston Peak. But you can try!

The most of popular trail systems are situated about one or two hours driving from Denver. Planning a picnic in the park, you should rent the cheapest car and enjoy your pleasant day. But if you expect to try yourself in offroading, you should rent a Jeep. This can is large and powerful enough to take you to climb up the highest peak and cross any of muddiest roads. One way or another, this must be a big challenge for you and your adventurous friends or partners. By the way, offroading is a good variant of local entertainments when Colorado views are not enough to impress someone.

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