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New Trends in Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing trends have been evolving every time as newer technologies come into the play in the digital market. It is a continuous job for the digital marketer to keep themselves up to date with any new buzz happening in the digital world. Social Media Marketing companies are leaving no stone unturned to integrate the latest social media marketing methods in their core marketing approach. Let us look at the social media marketing trends that are in vogue and expected to be, for the year 2019.

New trends in social media marketing


1. More video content

Like the previous year, video content is again expected to dominate in the marketing strategies, especially after Facebook and Instagram came up with the feature of live videos and also notifying when someone actually goes live. This attracts a lot of social media users and increases brand authenticity & relevance in the market.

Even uploading engaging videos on YouTube and sharing them on social media platforms gathers people to a great extent and increases the customer’s level of involvement with the brand. Video marketing services in Hyderabad are the epitome of creativity and uniqueness.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Growing digitization and Artificial intelligence are practically working hand-in-hand and aiding the entire marketing process smartly. Chabot’s will continue to engage with more and more people and contribute for fast and efficient working of the business models. Moreover, Chabot’s are meeting cost-effective marketing requirements by cutting down the expenses of hiring employees to answer customer’s queries. This will surely continue for the years to come.

3. Mobile-centric approach

Social media got the popularity majorly because of mobile phones and other handy smart devices. With the increasing number of mobile phone users, mobile traffic for social media is literally surpassing desktop traffic. In fact, there are separate mobile-friendly apps for all the social media platforms for the sheer ease and convenience of the users. Seeing the power of mobile phones, businesses are focusing on maintaining mobile responsive websites and developing apps that can be handy for their customers.

4. Influencers

Influencer marketing has changed the definition of digital marketing madly over the past decade. Influencers are actually being catalysts for the video marketing channels to get the maximum number of viewers. Their ability to authorize and influence a set audience is remarkable. It is picking up just more than ever and looks to continue sustaining forever. Businesses are really opting for social media influencer marketing agency that can just sway the audience and generate great ROI.

5. Automation

Where there are users and competitors existing on the same market ground, it is very difficult to keep the desired business pace to sustain in the market. Thankfully with the advent of automation, things have become simpler. There are several tools available in the markets that are aiding the marketing process to give better and consistent results. Incorporating these tools have not only mechanized the process but also helped in minimizing mistakes, reducing the overall cost, and eliminating the hassles of timely work delivery. A digital marketer will have to be in a need of automation for working efficiently and progressively.

The above-stated social media trends will certainly rule the market in 2019 and maybe for several years to come.


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