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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Multi-Destination Trip


Everybody needs a vacation to take a break from their hectic lives and get a chance to unwind. The problem that some people run into is finding the perfect destination for their vacation. The solution to this problem is planning a multi-destination trip. Multi-destination trips are a great way to visit more than one place so you don’t need to settle for one.

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Multi-Destination Trip

A lot goes into planning a trip of this size so here are 5 tips for planning a perfect multi-destination trip.

Choosing the Destination

The most important part of your trip is choosing the destinations and beginning the planning process. The easiest way to pick where you want to travel to is to think about the type of area you want to spend your time in. If you are looking for a warm place where you can relax by the beach, destinations like Australia or Bora Bora would be best for you.

You also want to consider how close all the areas you are travelling to are together. A country like Australia is perfect for a multi-destination trip because it has so many great cities to visit. If you are wanting to experience a wider variety of cultures, you could consider planning a European trip. Flights within Europe are inexpensive, so, often the costliest part of the trip is flying to Europe depending on where you live.

Australia is known for being a multi-destination vacation spot where the activities are endless. There are different climates in the country, and you can travel to different cities and experience something new each time. Australia offers many types of activities like island hopping, fireworks at the Sydney Harbour, and drift snorkelling. In Australia, everything is in close proximity so you can take a train or drive between cities. This makes it affordable and convenient for those travelling in big groups.

Flights and Accommodations

As previously mentioned, often the costliest part of the trip is the flight to your first destination. For example, if you are flying from the United States to France, then travelling within Europe, the flight to France will be the most expensive. There are many websites that offer great deals on flights like Google Flights, CheapTickets, and Momondo.

If you have a credit card that offers travel points, be sure to use that when booking your trips. Airlines like American Airlines offer credit cards partnered through different banks that are meant for people that frequently travel.

After booking your flight, you’ll want to look for hotels. A lot of travellers look for Airbnb instead of hotels. Depending on the area you are travelling to, it might be safer to stay at a hotel or resort. If you decide to book an Airbnb make sure to read all the reviews and try to do as much research as possible. If you are travelling with a group, consider contacting the hotel and ask for a group rate. Usually, this will save everyone a decent amount of money on sleeping accommodations.


Make sure you plan how you are going to be travelling from each destination. It’s also important to know your method of transportation at each stop. Rental cars are helpful but sometimes can be expensive. The rent for the cars would vary depending on your destination. If you are renting a car, consider one fitted with Hilux roof racks for a comfortable journey. If you are not going to be doing a lot of driving at each destination, you can try services like Uber or Lyft to save some money.

Some countries have trains and subways which are another popular way to travel. However, if you are in a major city, these methods of transportation are often very crowded and can be confusing for first-time travellers. If you are planning on travelling by train, it would be best to do some research on which train stations you are going to and if they offer passes instead of individual tickets.

Activities and Excursions

Planning activities and excursions are very easy and can often be figured out with a quick internet search. If you are staying at resorts, they will often have excursions planned through their location and are very easy to book either before your trip or upon arrival. Sometimes these are offered at discounted rates because you are already a guest there.

A popular activity that travellers will often partake in is mountain biking or dirt bike riding. When planning for either of these activities, make sure you bring the proper bike accessories.

Packing and Preparation

Once your entire trip is booked and planned, you’ll want to start making a packing list and keep note of all the documents you need to bring. If you are travelling outside of your home country, you will need a passport and another form of identification. It’s also smart to let your bank know that you are going to be travelling outside of your home country. This should prevent them from thinking any of your bank cards were compromised, thus freezing your account.

Take into consideration the climate you are going to be staying in and any activities you have planned. Once you get closer to the date that you leave for your trip, you can view the weather forecast. You will want to bring clothes that are going to make you feel comfortable and can allow you to participate in all your planned excursions. If you are trying a new activity, researching the appropriate attire will make sure you are better prepared. If you are travelling somewhere warm and sunny, consider bringing sunscreen, aloe vera, and other important medicines.

Planning a multi-destination trip doesn’t have to be hard if you take the time to plan and prepare before your trip. Once you have your flight and hotel booked, the rest is all about having fun and enjoying some relaxation.


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