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Common McAfee Antivirus Errors on Windows 10


McAfee antivirus is always deemed as one of the top security software programs that provide total security. McAfee antivirus offers better security from malicious activity, frauds, data-theft, hacking, webcam spying, etc. This antivirus creates a layer of protection to ensure that no threat can enter your system. Indeed McAfee is reliable security software but users still face numerous errors while using McAfee. Some people reported that they are only able to access the internet when they disable McAfee on Windows 10. This type of problem can occur when you are trying to access any malicious on an unsecured website. The firewall of McAfee blocks the network whenever it finds any suspicious activities. But if you are accessing a secure URL and your McAfee is still blocking the internet; some software or program files are conflicting with McAfee. If you have any security software installed in your PC other than McAfee; remove it. Now restart your device and check whether your error gets resolved or not.

Common McAfee antivirus errors on Windows 10

Error 0

Whenever you try to install McAfee, installation progress fails and error 0 appears on the screen. Error 0 can occur when you are trying to install the McAfee plan which is not compatible with your device. Weak internet access can also get you into this error. Check the device compatibility and try reinstalling McAfee antivirus on your PC. If you are still unable to install McAfee then you should ask for technical support.

McAfee error 11004

Error 11004 is a McAfee runtime error that mostly occurs due to missing or corrupted files. The corruption in registry files is one of the common causes that lead to error 11004. But editing registry files manually with any technical guidance can be harmful. If you wrongly edit the key or edit the wrong key then it can lead to bigger errors. So if you want to edit the registry files then ask for professional help and create a backup key for McAfee antivirus.

Here are the steps for creating McAfee backup:

  1. Open your PC and type command on the search bar
    2. A permission box will appear on the screen
    3. Click on Yes button
    4. Now you will get command prompt (black box with blinking cursor) will appear on the screen
    5. Type regedit and hit the enter button
    6. Now Windows registry editor will open on your screen
    7. Search for McAfee antivirus
    8. Go to the File menu and choose export
    9. Click on save
    10. Your McAfee file will get saved with .reg file extension
    11. Once you create the backup successfully, now ask for technical help to edit the registry files.

Unable to read the flash drive

If your McAfee is conflicting with your flash drive then you are probably trying to load a malicious file. Accessing a malicious flash drive can be dangerous. But if you still want to access the flash drive then disable McAfee on Windows 10.

  1. Open McAfee dashboard and navigate to McAfee control Panel
    2. Go to a Real-time scanning option and toggle the button to Off.

Now eject the flash drive on your system. If you are still unable to run the flash drive then search for other solutions and enable your McAfee antivirus immediately.

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