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List of Websites Similar to Tumblr


Tumblr offers a great platform to share blogs in the form of short stories, photos, TV shows, GIFs, quips, links, smart jokes, dumb jokes, videos, Spotify tracks, and more with ease. It is one of the popular platforms to start your own blog. Despite being a great platform, still, if you are looking for Tumblr alternatives, then here is the quick list for that. In this article, we have discussed websites similar to Tumblr if you want to start blogging career.

Popular Tumblr Alternatives

1. WordPress


One of the most effective and popular Tumblr alternative is WordPress. According to recent stats, it powers 35% of the Internet. It offers tons of themes, plugins and Google Apps to start your customized site. It allows you to customize as much or as little as you want to make your website look beautiful. From numerous plans, you can select one that suits your needs. You can use WordPress to create a robust site or blog or combination of both easily. It offers plans for every budget including free options. Here, you can add a custom domain to carve out your own space on the web. It offers 24/7 support with 300 happiness engineers to deliver seamless user experience to you.

2. Shopify


The next best Tumblr alternative is Shopify. It is leading platform preferred by over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. You can try its 14-day free trial before you explore all of its features with paid plans. It offers tons of beautiful themes that are responsive and easily customizable. Here, you don’t require designing skills to make your beautiful site, It helps you set your online platform easily no matter you sell online, in-store, on social media, or out of the trunk of your car. It offers great features to cover everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping.

3. Blogger


Blogger offers free solution to start your own blog with ease. This popular Tumblr alternative allows you to create a unique and beautiful blog with ease and free in no time. It offers numerous themes, flexible layouts, hundreds of background images and templates to select from to make amazing sites and blogs. Above all, it offers multiple options to select from for free to create your own blogspot.com domain. Alternatively, you can buy custom domain and integrate services in it. It allows you to integrate Google AdSense to help you out monetize your blog. It offers built-in analytics to help you track your audience easily. Here, you can save thousands of posts, photos, and more with Google for free.

4. Reddit


This is another popular website similar to Tumblr that is as easy to use as Tumblr is. Here, you can follow brands, read their stories and share them easily across network. It allows you to post and share content in various forms including text-based content, videos, photos, and more. While on Reddit, you get a chance to join different communities of your choice to gain and share knowledge on your favorite topics. Some popular communities include gaming, sports, TV, travel, health & fitness, fashion, technology, and more. This Tumblr alternative is easy to join and explore tons of useful information.

5. WiX


With WiX you get a chance to create a website you are proud of. It gives you freedom to create, design, manage and develop your brand’s web presence exactly the way you want. It offers mountains of templates, themes, color options, background images, and more to create beautiful websites easily. You can use WiX to design and build your own high-quality websites easily. You can use this popular Tumblr alternative to build your unique online presence. It allows you to customize your site, add advanced features, edit your mobile view, optimize for search engines, and more to deliver effective results.

6. Weebly


Weebly gives you freedom to tell your story with a beautiful website, blog or online store. This powerful platform helps you design and build your own unique online presence with simple drag-and-drop option. In addition to regular websites and blogs, you can also use this platform to integrate eCommerce platform. It offers numerous responsive themes to build professional website without any technical experience. It offers various modules including website builder, eCommerce solutions and mobile apps to fulfill all your needs. It offers powerful design tools to build sites easily in few clicks process. With its app center, it offers third-party integration for your site, store or blog. With powerful SEO tools, your content could be easily searched by engines.

7. Medium


Medium is one of the most effective online platforms that offers tons of useful content curated and written by professional writers. You can subscribe to Medium to access to its large library of curated content. It is ad free platform thus you get seamless user experience while reading your favorite topics. It has over 120 million curious readers which are growing faster. When there is tons of unauthentic content available on the web, it offers reliable solution to fulfill all your content needs. Furthermore, you can access all this amazing content through Android and iOS apps.

Now, this was a quick list of popular Tumblr alternatives. Try these powerful platforms to write, read and share content in various forms. You can also try these platforms to build your websites, start your blogging career, start online store and more. In addition to these platforms. You can share this blog on social media platforms like facebook , twitter, pinterest and whatsapp or gbwhatsapp (one of the best alternative of whatsapp). if you have tried some other platform then don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

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