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How to Make Killer Videos For Social Media Marketing?


Animated videos are made to delivers results.

Videos are what interest most people these days. The engagement and the attention of the audience are longer and profound than the rest of the types of content on different websites.

Social media management has required to take up a lot of responsibilities and work management. Some of the responsibilities include curating an entire social media strategy, keeping up with the brand image and figuring out the efficiency of the planned strategies.

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One of the major responsibilities of a social media manager is to track the record of different trends that uplifts the Click-through Rate ratios. Among all the recent trends in social media marketing, the newest and effective is the creation of animated videos.

Also, videos are a very strong medium of storytelling. They have a huge influence on the development of promotional campaigns and content marketing strategies.

Additionally, genius videos is a great source of learning and uplifting the inner creativity of people to bring out better results and generate a generous revenue.

Therefore, here, we are going to discuss a number of ingredients which helps in the creation of producing a killer animated video for social media marketing. There are some strategies that a video maker has to embrace to upgrade the revenue of the business.

Keep The Purpose Of Your Video Clear:

If you want to up the game of your social media marketing, you will need the maximum number of views on the videos you make. Certainly, in this regard, you must provide sufficient information related to the people and plan if people are interested in your animated video or whether they would want to spend their precious time watching the video or not.

Every social media managers and video animators are well aware that people skim the title of the video before playing it, which is understandable.

But apart from the title and the description, videos are not made in a simple format to skim through.

One must never expect that the audience is going to choose to watch the video of the duration of five to ten minutes instead of scanning the screen displaying a piece of text or image in just a few seconds.

How can you overcome this problem?

Video makers must keep the clear purpose of making the animated video with informative synopsis. Mention three to four advantages that people can gain after watching the video or by following your brand.

You may also add subtitles to your videos. In this way, your viewers will get the content in the text form too. They can skim the written text and decide if they would prefer watching the video. Alongside that, it will help your video content to reach the top on the search engines.

Prepare Your Animations Well:

Plan it, plan it again and plan it once more!

Planning is the key to any process of work. To create an amazing animated video for your social media marketing, plan everything beforehand.

A great plan will set your genius and professional mind part from the average animated video makers.

When you are planning the animation, these are the two aspects that you always need to remember:

  1. Your audience.
    2. The goal of your animated video.

• “Who is my target market?”

You comprehensively need to understand your audience, their demands and what they look for in a brand, whether or not your social marketing strategies display those demands, and decide if you understand what works well for them. Intelligent video animators always make sure that they know what their target market wants to see and what encourages them to act and follow you.

• “Your video needs a goal, why?”

Your goals can take you far ahead of the finish line. Having definite set goals gives you a better understanding as to what you have in your mind to achieve from the video. Your objectives make a clear pathway for the direction of the animated videos.

A Perfect Script Means A Perfect Story:

Prepare a perfect script for your animated video. People who follow your social media accounts are not new to the power of a good video. For social media marketing, your animated video must have a strong script that would engage people’s attention. To be able to achieve this, there are a few key pointers:

  1. Maintain a conversational tone and address your audience in a way that you are sitting in front of them and discussing it.
    2. The attention span of the audience is no longer than ten seconds. Make sure the script is brief and right on point.
    3. Script every word. Yes, every word. This will give your video a very effective touch and your script will turn out professional.
    4. Integrate an attractive call-to-action.

We understand that a scriptwriting can be a bit more challenging and the actual part of the animation. You can take help from geniusvideos.co, a platform with highly talented scriptwriters who use their words right according to your goals and social media strategies.

A Strong Storyboard:

A storyboard is a sequence of images that provides instruction about the story you are trying to portray or shows the flow of the message.

A storyboard enables you to creatively envision how the efforts you are making in creating an animated video, will look like before you begin to commit your hard work, hours and resources.

Begin by distinguishing the main scenes and characters in your animated story. Take the help of your script in every scene and then continue by drawing thumbnails in every square.

It is key to never forget that a storyboard is a plan. It is a map of your animated video’s adventure. You do not involve yourself in numerous details. Just remember that its purpose is to make you understand the purpose and direction of the story.

Moreover, geniusvideos takes pride in making the explanatory storyboard which makes our goals and objectives understandable and easy to display in the form of videos.

Admirable Animation:

After having a well-written script and a perfect storyboard, your video animation process is ready to begin!

Channel your professional and innovative ideas on the screen by fabulous animations.

First of all, choose an animation style of your choice, the one you would love to stick to. Keeping a consistent style of animation displays your energetic and unique side.

With gv, we have surprises in store for you. An animated video that is not only loved by the audience but gets you more followers on social media is our strategy.

Conversion Rate:

Additional tip: after you have followed the process and created the video. Optimize it to gain more conversions.

  • Include a call-to-action.
  • For social media marketing, it is imperative to be aware of the importance of the timings of your postings. Figure out the most suitable time that will get your video more views and shares.
  • Present to people a great motivation to be engaged in the video.

The bottom line is that it takes a lot of effort, time and creativity to be able to make high-end and attention-grabbing animated videos, especially for the audience of social media platforms. Although, if your video content is right, if your plan is executed well and if you bring out your creative side, you can make the most of this potential to tell the inspirational story of the business and encourage people to take the action that you want them to take.

To gain more guidance, there are several platforms such as gv, who are there to help you out in every step of your video animation process.

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