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7 Tips to Party Comfortably and in Style this Winter


You are born to be a fashionista! Said her unapologetic soul…

And then what she did? She wrapped herself in the cocoon of confidence.

With her worth-praising fashion sense, the girl impressed tons of people at the soiree…

But who was she?

An imaginative figure that YOU CAN BE!

The wintertime can be quite unforgiving when it comes to parties, but that does not mean winters are not great.

The wintertime is nothing short of magical. As Anamika Mishra aptly quoted, “Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.

Partywear dresses, in general, are best catered to the warmer months. Short cocktail dresses are an all-time favorite, along with sheer fabric, sleeveless cuts, plunging necklines, and whatnot.
If you were to wear these to a party in the winters, rest assured, you would be calling in sick at work the next day.

7 tips to party comfortably and in style this winter

For this reason, dressing up for parties in the winter season can be quite challenging. The question has to be asked: How do you dress up for a party while staying comfortable?

You might be thinking that dressing up during the chilly season would entail layering on wool and knit because they are warm and comfortable, duh.

For the evening time, however, the rules are a little different. The dilemma continues. After all, you cannot just wear a sweater for a party, unfortunately.

Before you start scavenging your closet for outfit options, we suggest you pause for a moment and think about the dress code. This will make the entire process a whole lot easier.

Remember the general rule about staying warm: keep your feet and shoulders covered, and you are sorted. Statement outerwear is necessary, as well. Pick a piece that complements your ensemble.

We are here to simplify this ordeal for you. Following is a list of seven tips that will help you style your winter party outfits, so you look both stylish and feel super comfortable. Let us get started.

1. Layer up

Layering is the most stylish way to stay warm this winter. Who said layering does not work with party outfits?

There is nothing quite like a cute dress for a night out. If you plan on wearing a cute cocktail or tube top dress, throw on a blazer or a bomber jacket on top. If you are someone who prioritizes comfort over everything else, pair a turtleneck sweater and slip into a slip dress on top. Complete the look with a pair of comfy ankle boots and you will good to go.

“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” – Vera Wang

Wear stockings and tights underneath, so your legs stay warm. If you are not one either of the two options, switch things up with your footwear. There is no better time to wear knee-high boots than now. Pair your sexy dress with knee-high boots and a chic leather jacket.

2. Opt for longer skirts

Sure, miniskirts are super cute for parties, but that does not mean you cannot wear something with more length.

Midi skirts are great. They are a perfect mix of conservative and playful. They actually are great for work as well, so if you are heading out with colleagues after work, a midi skirt paired with a cute blouse, tights, and a blazer draped on top, is an excellent option.

If you are heading to a party where the dress code is slightly more formal, you can even get away with maxi length skirts. Wear your maxi skirt with anything from a blouse to a crop top, depending on the social setting.

3. Cover up

Full sleeves look ridiculously chic. If you are not one for layering, keep it simple by merely covering up.

A full-sleeved turtleneck top paired with boot-cut pants or a plaid skirt and ankle boots looks incredibly amazing.

Similarly, a full-sleeved short knit dress looks very elegant. Spice up your look to make it party-friendly with knee-high boots and statement jewelry.

Perhaps the easiest way to cover up, however, is with a coat. If you want to keep it easy breezy, just throw on a tank top and a pair of jeans and complete your look with a statement coat on top and some cute boots. Voila!

4. Opt for a warmer fabric

Fabric makes a world of difference. Warmer fabrics are designed to combat the cold. It is impractical to wear a light linen sundress in winters. Silk oozes elegance, but it is obviously not the warmest fabric out there.

If you wish to avoid getting hypothermia, we suggest choosing pieces made of fabrics like tweed, wool, fleece, or leather. Another favorite is velvet. Velvet fits like a dream and looks like one too.

If you are wearing a velvet top or velvet dress, you do not need any more help. The fabric will do the work for you.

If you opt for warmer fabric, you will not feel the need to cover up, so if you want to show some skin, you comfortably can.

5. Spice it up with leather

Leather is perhaps one of the best fabrics to work with during the wintertime. It looks stunning, and it provides excellent insulation: win, win.

Incorporate more leather into your outfits, but be sure to balance them as well.

Leather pants are in this season. Not only do they fit like a dream, hugging every curve of your body, but they also keep you warm and cozy. Pair your leather pants with a cute blouse or perhaps a tank top and a suede jacket.

Leather skirts are strikingly bold. They look excellent, paired with anything and everything. Dress them up with a dress shirt and blazer for an elegant twist. Channel your inner rock star by pairing it with a tank top and a bomber jacket on top. If you are looking to add a little bling to your life, we suggest pairing it with a tee and throwing it on a sequined slip on top.

Perhaps the most effortless way to wear more leather, however, is a leather jacket. Leather jackets for women come in an array of cuts and designs.

For a party, we suggest going full rogue. Nothing turns heads like an edgy biker jacket. Such a statement piece speaks for itself. You would not have to put in any extra effort into your outfit. Pair them with skinny jeans and a tank top, and you are good to go.

6. Keep it simple with denim

Denim is timeless. It is an everyday staple that we all love and adore. Regardless of the occasion, denim is the easiest fabric to wear.

If you are looking to stay warm, denim is your best friend. Whether it is a pair of jeans, a denim jacket, or a pair of denim shorts, denim never fails to impress. Denim is that one reliable and versatile item in your closet that you can always fall back on without thinking. It sets the foundation for an ensemble. Build on it and watch it tie the whole look together. When it comes to denim, follow the words of Don Draper, “Make it simple, but significant.”

If you are wearing jeans, wear a tank top with a chic bomber jacket, a turtleneck with a cute scarf, or if you are looking to really spice it up, a lace bodysuit with a blazer on top.

Oversized denim jackets can be styled in so many ways. One of our favorites for parties is with leather pants and a simple tee. You can also pair your denim jacket with a dress or a skirt.

Try to avoid denim on denim because that aesthetic is more suited to casual gatherings.

7. Bling it up

What is the easiest way to make an outfit more glamorous? Add bling to the mix. Whether it is jewelry, a sparkly pair of pumps, a shiny clutch bag, or maybe even an embellished belt, everything is better with a little bit of sparkle in it.

If you cannot handle the cold and have a party to attend, it is okay, just dress up a casual outfit.

Drape over an outgoing sequined jacket over a casual pair of jeans and a tee. Wear a shiny embellished belt over a casual knit dress and complete the look with some statement earrings.

Pair your little black dress with a pair of sparkly heels and a matching purse. Complete the look with a deep red pout, and you are ready to hit the streets.

“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Learn to mix and match your bling with casual outfits to craft the perfect look. Nothing is worse than overdone bling. The idea of looking like a disco ball seems fun in thought, but in reality, it is not the best. Just remember to keep a balance.

– Parting Thoughts

Dressing up for the colder months can be quite the brainteaser. The more you think about the cold outside, the more convinced you will be for staying inside with a blanket. After all, why waste time curating an outfit and dressing up when you can chill inside?
Despite your concerns and laziness, we urge you to muster up the courage and head out. There is nothing quite like a wintertime party. We promise you; it will be worth it.

Use our tips to help you dress more comfortably than ever while still looking like the belle of the ball.

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