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11 Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends in 2019 Which Everyone Must Know!


While autumn is officially kicking off, it’s now time to think how to plan the upcoming season in an aesthetic way. The fashion weeks in New York, Milan, London, and Paris have come to an end and the latest designs have already made their way to the streets.
From bright colors to creative and appealing eyewear, these latest fashion trends and predictions will make themselves known everywhere you look. Either you want to improve your wardrobe, or just looking for inspiration, then overtake the package using these fashionable fall / winter styles in 2019.

Winter Fashion


1. Neon Turtlenecks:

Brighten those cold days with a neon neck. This is an important basis for people who prefer to focus on contemporary timeless style. Design it with dark colors for a distinctive look, or combine them with contrasting colors such as blue or red to generate a true statement. If you decide to take advantage of this winter, you will definitely act as the smartest person in the room.

2. Androgynous Style:

Gender fluidity and fashion go hand-in-hand. Androgynous style is not restricted to a specific gender and is without any stereotypes. To achieve this look, choose loose-fitting clothes like oversized suits, denim jackets, captain america winter soldier leather jacket, and men’s shirts. Dark colors usually have a quick unisex flair, feel free to step outside the box and try bold shades too. Androgyny is all about being flexible and rebellion so, without any fear go and try something new.

3. Chunky Chain Necklaces:

Make your design expressive thanks to the large, massive chains. Necklaces do not always have to be delicate, and very sophisticated outfits can benefit from wearing something bold. Either it is a bronze, silver, or gold, accessories like this will match any outfit and will create a rebellious aesthetic look. Design this jewelry using a round neckline and pants to create a pleasant atmosphere, or you can twist any feminine outfit, combining oversize with a blouse using a dress and heels. There are many options in this fashion, so don’t worry about your appearance.

4. Dresses and Skirts Worn with Trousers:

Another retro style which is making a comeback this autumn and winter is wearing a skirt or a dress over a pair of pants. Although this sounds a bit crazy but this style is super cute. Make your dress more appealing by coupling it with a pleated skirt and a pair of pants of the same color. This will add more depth in your outfit. Straight-leg pants with a flowing dress are one of the great options to go with especially for those who want to keep their dress casual and dressy all at once. No matter if you style this trend with comfy sneakers or cute heels, you will be the most fashionable person in the room.

5. Square Sunglasses:

Regardless of the season, sunglasses always prove to be not just useful but also add a classy look in your overall performance. Protect yourself from sun exposure and give a perfectly polished look with a pair of straight-edge sunglasses. These modern glasses are a fabulous accessory to add in your collection. The options of sunglasses are endless so, choose something really unique. To keep your look classic, select a solid black pair of glasses with quadrilateral edges or frames. Sunglasses are ever-evolving; however, these frames stay timeless for a good reason.

6. Checks on Checks:

Last season it was clashing prints such as polka dots with stripes which gained immense popularity. But this season, the bold trend has been paired down with something new. One single print by this autumn we all will be re-investing will be on check prints. We will be mixing the colors all around it. You can also streamline this print with Harley Quinn suicide squad jacket. This jacket is going to add more glam and elegance in your look and people can’t stop themselves from seeing you.

7. Slouchy Boots:

If you are planning to opt for slouchy boots this season, then you are going perfectly well. Slouchy boots have emerged as one of the autumn and winter trends which give you the most stylish look. Practical and stylish, these boots from Boohoo are available in both black and tan colors. They are easy to pair with any outfit and without any doubt add attitude in your look.

8. Top-handed Bags:

Top-handled bags are the most influential bag trending this season. These bags are sleeked in plain leather fabric and give an extra-ladylike feeling. Although the jumbo totes and teeny-tiny mini bags are also seen during the autumn runways, still these bags remain the most attractive and elegant styles among all.

9. Corduroy Suiting:

Corduroy has made a come this season and people are truly appreciating and liking the latest designs. If you’re also opting for Corduroy suits then go with loose-fitting incarnations which fit best for a casual look and high-waist flared trousers with a nipped-waist jacket for an evening. So, what are you waiting for? Try it and grab the attention of people.

10. The New Puffer:

The puffer jackets were really out of the fashion, but again this season it has entered the market and has emerged as a viable dressing option. Whether it is cropped and metallic, tonal or wrapped, the cold freezing temperature will pose no issue on a night out and you can wear it easily.

11. Leopard Print:

The Leopard print is again back this season. The animal print has become a staple of female wardrobes like the color black has for men. From all luxury brands to low-priced brands, all shops are full with these prints and you should also have it in stock too.

With changing season patterns, the fashion and style freaks come up with new ideas, styles, and designs. The above-mentioned fashion trends are for this upcoming season. So, if you desire to look pretty and wants to be in the race of style and fashion, then do try these fashion trends.

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