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7 Exciting Ideas to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday at School


Birthdays are favorite holidays for so many kids but there are some kids who do not like a holiday on this day because they cannot meet their friends. So why not make this day better for your little one by celebrating his or her birthday in their school with their friends. There are many schools that allow birthday celebrations at school and you can also ask the school authorities to organize the surprise birthday party for your kid. You can make decorations in their classroom, arrange for some games, treat all the kids and your little one with chocolates and cake, give the kids return gifts and there are so many other ways through which you can celebrate your kid’s birthday in their school along with his friends and give them a fun and memorable birthday surprise.

7 Exciting Ideas to Celebrate Your Kids Birthday at School

1) Plan a Special Birthday Activity

You can organize a special birthday activity that will lead parents to the classroom. You can make birthday hats and decorate them or you can also organize a science project, involve kids, teachers and yourself in some crafts or have fun time playing games. You can check out for some age-appropriate games at your local library or simply ask your child what activity he will like to do for his birthday. Organize surprise birthday party for your dear ones and wish them a very happy birthday through a wonderful surprise.

2) Make a Birthday Tribute

You can also create a birthday tribute that says something about your children like his interests or heritage and share it with the entire class. You can your little one can also make a collage of photographs showing his friends and family. You can ask your child to write a story on his own and recite it in front of the class. You can get your little one’s note laminated and make two copies of it, give one to school and keep others with yourself. You can get amazing kids birthday celebration ideas from our online gift site and surprise your kid with the best birthday surprise ever.

3) Bake or Buy the Cake

You can order a school theme cake online and have a cake cutting ceremony at your little one’s school. Or at home bake cake, muffins, cupcake, etc and take it to the school and ask the little ones to decorate it with sprinkles, chocolate candies, royal icing, etc by providing them the supplies. Let the kids turn the cake into the culinary masterpiece. This way kids will enjoy the cake as well as decorating the cake and have fun times with their friends. Order Birthday Balloons online from our online gift store and surprise your loved ones and dear ones with colorful balloons.

4) Decorate Classroom with Balloons

You can take deflated balloons to the school of different colors and Mylar balloons that comes in a different cartoon character. Ask the little ones to blow the balloons and also decorate the same on the wall, benches and another corner of the classroom. This way kids will have a play date. You can also make them play different types of balloon games. Get wonderful school birthday party ideas from our online gift site and create memories for a lifetime with a grand celebration of your little one’s birthday at school.

5) Give Gift to Your Kid and Classmates too

Little ones feel very special when their parents come to the school. You can visit your kid’s school on his birthday and for his birthday he distributes some useful gifts like pens, pencils, eraser, notebooks, etc amongst his classmates. As it is your little one’s birthday give him an amazing birthday gift in front of the class so that he feels really special. You can also gift goodie bags, teddy bear and games that enhance their memory.

6) Give a Surprise Treat

You would love to treat your kid’s classmate as it is his birthday. So you can treat your little one’s friends and classmates with cupcakes because sweet treats are best, jelly cups, lolly bags that contain so many lollipops, ice blocks which is every kid’s favorite. There are some best birthday celebration ideas for a child you can get from our online gift site through which you can give the best times to your little one for his birthday.

7) Book the Entertainment

If the school authorities allow, you can hire an entertainer like a painter, musician, artist, joker, magician, etc. The kids will have so much fun and entertainment through the activities of the entertainer. You can also contact a professional company for performers that perform in colorful outfits or cartoon characters that stays in the costume all the time and take pictures of the kids so your kid can have memories for life. Send birthday stuffed animals to your beloved or little kids and wish them a very happy birthday through these cute and adorable stuffed animals.

We hope these exciting and fun ideas make your little one’s birthday at school memorable and they will have a great time celebrating with their friends.

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