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6 Games that Offer you a High Dose of Entertainment


For most people, games are an escapade. After being stuck at work for hours, we need to take our mind off the pressure. And video games are a brilliant way of doing that.

Note that relaxation is a necessity in the fast-paced world that we are living in. More people are showing up at psychiatrists, willing to overcome their depression and anxiety.

Studies prove that a dose of entertainment works in most cases. For example, the study by the University of Bath and University College London revealed that mobile games like Player Unknowns Background (PubG) and Pocket City could relieve more stress than an app designed for mindfulness or meditation.

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Emily Collins, the head author in this research also suggested that digital games also lead to long-term protection of health and well-being. However, the person playing the game must enjoy it to its fullest. A game played with dull will is not going to produce a meaningful result.

The chosen game should be such that it transfers you into a whole new environment. It should be challenging, lively, and helps you blow off the steam. To assist you, we have listed six games with a high entertainment capacity:

1. Breath of Light

Available on: iOS

The name gives you a feeling of relaxation, lightness, and comfort. Breath of Light is a game that will practically hypnotize you and transport you into an enchanting world of puzzles. It features a soundtrack so hypnotic by Winterpark. This game takes the player into a Zen state.

The premium version is easy-to-use. It involves rearrangement of stones, and once you complete it, the stones come to life. There is no time limit, nor are you playing against any other players. The music at the back and playing at your own pace makes it a good combination for stress-relief.

2. Angry Birds 2

Available on: iOS, Android

Angry Birds by Rovio was one of the initial games that introduced the concept of sharp graphics and incredible sound effects. The first part of the series gained immense popularity in the market. The second part is equally appealing. This game also gives you challenges that engross you so much that it seems tough to quit the game.

You have to level piggy structures with the bombardment of birds. The compelling features of this game make it entertaining for young and old, both. Its remarkable qualities make it suitable to be on the list of Top 5 games of 2019.

3. Alto’s Odyssey

Available on: Android

Alto’s Odyssey lives up to the hype created by Alto’s Adventure. It improves over its predecessor and offers immeasurable entertainment for the players. The franchise has been around since 2015. There is a tutorial by the developers for the players to get acquaintance with the game.

This game involves endless running until the point when your character dies. Such games tend to get quite monotonous after some time. Keeping this in mind, NoodleCake Studio has integrated various components to enhance the attraction of the players. You have to collect coins that you can trade-in for various customized options.

It has amazing graphics that will keep players hooked throughout the gameplay. Plus, the dark gradient colors elevate the overall atmosphere. It has only limited ads and is free to play. But there are in-app purchases that you can buy to uplift the experience.

4. Bingo World

Available on: Android, iOS, Web

It is a classic bingo game revamped for the 21st century. To oblige with the modern needs of the mobile game players, Unlimited Gamez Mo brings a gaming website that is an answer to all your issues concerning video games.

The Bingo World is a card game where you can choose a destination and win patterns. The best part about this game is the fact that no ads are popping up now and then. As the number of mobile gamers across the globe reaches 2.4 billion, the developers at Unlimited Gamez Mo decided to scan the troubles faced by most of them. They understood that hidden charges and constant ads were a problem that stopped people from downloading certain games.

Hence, they have crafted a website that offers an unlimited and uninterrupted gaming session for all.

5. Monument Valley

Available on: Android, iOS

Monument Valley is an exploration game that involves architectural geometry. The player has to guide silent Princess Ida through mysterious structures. They have to unfold the optical illusions and discover hidden pathways. The stunning and inspiring world that you wonder about stops you from pressing the exit button.

The developers state that they drew inspiration from M.C. Escher, whose work was all about incorporating impossibility into architecture. They decided to design a game based on a similar concept. Monument Valley has enticing mechanisms with zero challenges, and you may play as per your capacity. There are no leaderboards to climb, no stars to achieve, and no failures.
Indeed, this is an interactive virtual entertainment from beginning till the end.

6. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Available on: Android, iOS

From the makers of Candy Crush, this game is another piece that has become widely popular for its appealing gameplay. The physics-based games are good for cognitive development.

It has shooting and matching puzzle games that are addictive for all players. It has cutesy characters that make it apt for children, but all the games are equally attractive for the older lot. It can be your ultimate companion when you wish to take your mind off the usual hustle-bustle.

Also, the simple controls and colorful graphics make it highly attractive.

Final Words

In the end, we would like to mention the fact that game apps are growing in number. You will find hundreds of games when you surf the market. Just pick your favorite genre and dive into the stores.

The games listed above have a long history in the industry. Give them a try if they befit your interests and let us know what you think. Or, if you know of any recent popular game, feel free to enlighten us!


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