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Top 6 Ways Digital Signage is Transforming the Healthcare Sector


Buildings of healthcare services providers can be unpredictable and mystifying. Digital signage inside a healthcare center is a crucial tool to drive the betterment of staff, visitors, and patients.

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Be it digital displays to decrease perceived wait time in the waiting area or interactive kiosks to present navigation around a significantly large hospital, keeping patients and visitors informed using digital signage improves their overall experience.

6 benefits of digital signage in healthcare

1) Improve staff communication

Digital signage can be installed throughout staff break rooms for the same purposes as you would put them in visitors’ waiting rooms – to inform and engage.

Replace old static whiteboards or notice boards and instantly update your staff with new work policies, new treatments, training opportunities, procedure changes, safety alerts, and other notices through a cloud-based CMS.

This flexible and cost-efficient solution can be placed across multiple locations, providing digital signage solutions for communication with any number of employees effectively and quickly. Digital signage can also be paired with other technologies to push content directly to staff’s phones.

2) Generate revenue by selling ad space

Digital signage can improve not only the visitors’ and patients’ experience, but also provide healthcare services providers with an additional revenue opportunity.

Digital signages adequately inform users, promote services, products, and events to visitors without forcefully delivering them the details.

By selling ad space to other companies, healthcare facilities can improve the sales of products or services.

3) Reduce perceived wait times

Health care facilities are infamous for making visitors or patients wait for a matter of minutes or hours. Placing digital displays that include queue-management information such as estimated wait times in waiting rooms can alleviate frustration and reduce the wait time by 35%.

With the ability to present multiple forms of content, digital displays are not only informational but also provide a more bearable wait. Healthcare facilities can entertain patients and visitors by engaging shows, news, relevant health information, or facility updates.

4) Help patients to find their way

Navigating as a visitor or patient in a large facility like a hospital can be frustrating, stressful, and confusing. In short, wayfinding is the information systems that guide visitors through a physical environment and improve their understanding of the place.

In a stressful environment, like a hospital, an interactive wayfinding kiosk can deliver your visitors and patients an enhanced sense of safety, well-being, and security.

Displaying a detailed map along with physician directories and step-by-step guides will allow your visitors and patients to get to their destination quickly and more easily.

5) Faster and simpler patient intake

Digital signage solutions can help to make appointments intakes less clumsy. With interactive kiosks at hospitals, patients do not have to queue up to get in-person assistance.

Patients can update medical records, print receipts, pay bills, and update medical records from a user-friendly digital signage kiosk.

The faster the hospitals take patients into their facility, the better it is for both the hospital and patients. It saves patients time and helps hospitals to increase their revenue.

It will also help to increase the productivity of the hospital staff as now they can focus on cases and things that matter the most.

6) Increase safety with an emergency alert system

Most importantly, for healthcare services providers, digital signage solutions can act as an emergency alert system, boosting awareness throughout the facility, and delivering primary health and safety messages.

With the help of a centrally controlled system, crucial messages can be pushed out to all screens in the facility, enhancing the ability to respond to all types of situations.

Staff can also be acknowledged about safety procedures and events, which could limit the accessibility of several areas through the display of safety schedules.


The health care sector is a natural fit for digital signage because of the constantly evolving nature of facilities and the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry.

The capability to centrally change content ensures real-time messaging of important information, allowing any healthcare facility to offer staff, visitors, and patients with the most accurate and recent information at any time.

More impactful, faster, and eco-friendly than paper-based static signage, digital signboards ensure a reliable, smooth medium of communication.

From a small clinic to a large thriving health care facility/hospital, digital signboards provides a strong return on investment for every hospital.

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