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Top 5 Games of 2019


We all love playing games, earlier everyone was used to play games outside their houses in the field or streets. But now everyone loves to play their games on mobile devices. It is not like gaming on mobile makes us away from our friends or family.

People love to play games online with their family and friends as well as in a team. The fun of playing games online can be doubled if you will play it on the big screen of a Smart TV. If you want to purchase a new one, you must check The Best Smart LED TV in India.

We have created the list of best 5 games of 2019 that are loved by all the people around the globe. Without wasting any time let’s take a look at the list.

Top 5 Games of 2019

Asphalt 9: Legends:

Asphalt 9 - Legends

The Asphalt 9: Legends is the most advanced car racing game and the most successful franchise in gaming. You can play it in different gaming modes like a single-player or multiplayer gaming mode.

It has the most acoustic cars from the globe with the nitro ability as well. It includes 50 cars and many challenges on a bunch of racing locations. you cannot control the acceleration of your car in this game, that is run on auto full speed but the nitro can be controlled by you.

It has the high-end graphics and top-level features of a racing action game. You will start in the career mode of the game but after some time as the game started to unlock, you can play it in online single-player mode and also compete with the online players.

Player gets all the control on their screen and does not have to press anything start to accelerate the car. Just have to control, drifting douching and pressing the nos at the right time which leads to the first finish in the race and winning.

To unlock more cars in the game player have to collect the blueprint of cars by playing an winning the right races in the career mode or on the purchase of some items in the shop. It is one of the games in which you have to collect the right cards to go further in-game and open your car collection, rather than just finishing the first in every race.

The player can also unlock some of the cards by watching the ads in the game which provides you 2 cards every 4 hours. You can also test your abilities with other gamers in the online multiplayer mode and challenge online players.

Call of Duty:

Call of Duty

The latest version of call of duty has been launched and available in the play store of IOS and android. It is free to download and install and weighs around 2 GB to install.

It is one of the most loved franchises by all the world, professional gamers find it better than PUBG. It is almost the same as we used to play it on PC but includes some major changed in mobile versions like new maps, characters, and weapons, etc.

Users have to log in with Facebook to save their whole progress of the game. But is someone wants to play and try the game they have the option of guest mode in it?

To get the advanced benefit over your competitors, players can also modify their characters like arms and ammunition to their character better than the competition. It is more advanced than PUBG in graphical ways.

You can notice the difference in the level of graphics in both of them, especially in high-end smartphones or when you will connect it with a Smart LED TV screen.

The specialty of this game is it comes with 5 five online multiplayer modes, which include Free-For-All, Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Domination.

It also has the battle royal mode which is the same as PUBG where 100 players compete against each other.



It is the most addicting game in the whole world. This game has changed the level of gaming completely. People have become a millionaire by playing this game.

A few months back in an international PUBG tournament the winner got more than millions of dollars as the final price in that tournament. Most of you have seen the picture or status of your friends and family “winner winner chicken dinner”. This is the quote the winner sees after killing all the opponents in the game.

The full name of this game is Player Unknown’s Battleground. The game is based on the Battle Royal concept. Many people are released onto the island and players have to kill all of them to win in the game.

Each and everyone has to collect the weapons and kill the people in front of them make ways to win the game.

People also play this game in teams, in team play your team has to kill all the other people and you get the title of “winner winner chicken dinner” after killing all the others.

there are mainly two tactics to win this game one is going on a rampaging killing spree and the other is hide away until the time is right. It depends on the player which they choose to play.

Everyone in the game starts with no weapon of first aid kits. All the players have to find the weapons, first aid kits, guns ammo, etc. From the experts of the game, hiding is the best way to play the game as you get the proper time and more security in hiding until you get the perfect time and place to make the shot.

ARK- Survival Evolved:

ARK- Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game where you have to survive in a place with little to no resources. You get to meet new friends and enemies there. There are 80+ dinosaurs and other creatures as well. You have to survive among them

Players can also tame, train and ride the dinosaurs in the game. You can make anything to survive in there, from a house, village to a massive city as well. Use anything that you find to survive like clothes, health kits, weapons, other items.

Survive in single-player mode or you can also team up with them. You can also join a tribe and support the dynamic parties to share the resources.

To play this game without any interruption your device must have the 3 GB of RAM with the latest update of mobile software as well. The player can remove the ads from the game by purchasing the subscription available in monthly as well as a yearly basis. The subscriptions also get automatically renewed after the ending time if it is not turned off before 24 hours of the ending time.

Once the subscription is done and it cannot be canceled during the time of active subscription time.

Gods of Rome:

Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome is a game with amazing characters and graphics. It is the latest game of Gamesloft and it is not that much of a heavy game but a cool game with amazing graphics and real gaming experience.

This is based on the methodology of Rome and players have to complete the tour of the game by fighting and in the end, he will face tenebrous.

In-game players can move forward and backward and have 4 moves, weak, strong attack, middle and plus block. you can create the stunning combos with these 4 moves.

It has a system where you can improve a huge number of characters. The visual effect of this game is to the next level regardless of which device you own.

You can also explore some of the ancient locations like Coliseum, Pompeya, the Roman Circus or Mount Olympus. It also provides an online battle facility where you can have the battle against the online players.

When a player is exploring the exciting world of folders they have opponents challenging your fighting skills. It is designed for the short play sessions but has the endless layers of fun added to the actual fighting.

It is one of the best fighting games from the Game loft with such an amazing display graphics. The extraordinary graphics makes this one extra special and stand out among others. It is based on ancient mythology which has been never seen in this genre.

By earning more rewards you can unlock prizes such as rare fighters. You also get the choice of characters in different categories like Heroes, Monsters, Demigods, Ancients, and Gods, etc. Apart from all these they also have some special characters Shade and Mummy. They have some special powers, they can take weapons and abilities of any character in the game.

All these five games are the top-rated and best games not only by us but also from all the gamers and professional gamers from the whole globe. These all available in the play store of iOS and android systems.

Some are high tech and some are light in size but people love them and are the most fun to play.

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