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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs for Good


Perhaps you have itchy, shapeless growing hair with unusual angle, and you may be wondering what is happening to your skin. The phenomena occur on your skin when you undertake certain activities such as shaving, waxing, and tweezing. When you shave and apply a lot of friction, you are likely to cut the hair in a wrong angle, and this leads automictically to ingrown hairs. However, you do not need to worry about the occurrence of this growth because remedies and measures are in place to assist you in rectifying the condition. The article below gets deep into techniques to apply to get rid of ingrown hairs for good.

Regular exfoliation

Exfoliation is the removal of unwanted materials from the surface of interest that may subject you to ingrown hair. There are two kinds of exfoliation, and they involve the use of chemicals and physical means. A study recommended the use of various chemicals that have active components that can dissolve the debris on the inner surface of the skin. Some clogging occurs deep into the skin and has high sensitivity, whereby they facilitate the fast growth of this ingrown hair. The chemicals can dissolve the intercellular glue that holds the dulling and dead cells.

The physical exfoliation appears to be easy because you are sure of removing what you are seeing. The major debris that requires physical removal is the oil, dead cells, and dirt. The three components clog the follicle and make the inappropriate growth of hair. You should understand that the remedies in use should be crystals, natural beads, and micro-fine granules. The best exfoliation process leaves the spores open for new growth.

Application of hair removal cream

Regular shaving leads to the growth of this unusual hair on the skin. Despite the high level of sensitivity of these blades, there is still a chance of causing excessive friction and cutting the hair at the wrong angle and direction. The wrong direction affects the growth making the hair pop inwards and create inflammation and itching feeling.

The good thing about the cream is that it removes the hair evenly. The oily immersion appropriately cut the hair putting into consideration the direction, angle, and length of cut. The less friction makes the skin to remain intact without having any inflammation factor. The cream also contains specific components that dissolve the unwanted materials that may cause clogging on the surface.

Working with right post-shave care

The quality of services provided after shaving may determine whether you are likely to be at risk of having ingrown hairs. The barber undertaking the shaving exercise need to have good experience to meet your demand when it comes to after-shave services. The services ensure you have zero contamination on your skin, and this may smoothen your skin. Your barber should inform you about the oily products they use to avoid cases of auto-immunity with your skin.

Most of the products contain salicylic acid, which has anti-inflammatory responses. When the ingrown hair exceeds the normal size, they cause inflammation into the skin. Another essential component in the after-shave product is glycolic acid. The acidity of this component enables it to dissolve the dead cells on the dermis and prevent the clogging of pores. Ideally, one should invest in a post-waxing product like one from pfb vanish retailers which is an ideal blend of glycolic and salicylic acid. Its antibacterial properties help soothe the skin and also prevent ingrown hair.

Use of appropriate blade and shaving procedure

Use of appropriate blade and shaving procedure

You need to get reliable information on the best blade that cannot cause damages to your skin. When you are planning to use the blades on a long-term basis, then you must go for the best quality, which might be expensive. The double blade or triple-blade ensures the best cut occurs for the hair on the surface of the skin. Studies show that smooth dull surface, low content of non-metallic inclusions, and suitable blanking are some of the properties to check on a right shaving blade.

The direction of shaving is another essential factor to note when you want to avoid having an uneven, bumpy shave. If you happen to shave to the opposite angle of the growth of hair, then you can experience the disadvantage of having the ingrown hair. It requires you to work with the direction of growth of hair to avoid cutting them at the wrong angle.

Understand the plucking procedure

Plucking looks a little bit painful. Before settling on plucking as your choice of the ingrown hair removal procedure, you must check on certain conditions. Firstly, spot the loop between where the hair re-enters the skin and follicle section. Secondly, if there is no form of inflammation, then you can pluck using a sterilized tweezer.

After plucking, ensure you soothe the section by applying a warm compressor sterilized with ethanol. You can also use an antibacterial cream to avoid entry of any pathogen through the free follicles.


Following the procedures provided above will help you deal with your ingrown hair to a great extent. However, you should seek help from a professional dermatologist to help you with critical issues that are hard to handle all by yourself. Beauty begins with the external appearance, and this requires you to keep your skin healthy after shaving.

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