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You Can Become a Spy with This Mobile Spy App


There are a good number of spy apps in the market. But all are not the same when it comes to their performance, features, price, and functionality. In fact, many of these apps are fake and don’t help the users when it comes to spying on any devices. So we have found the best spy app for the users. With this, you will be able to track your target Android phones and devices. Let’s talk about this spy app.

You Can Become a Spy with This Mobile Spy App

BlurSPY-The App That Can Make You a Spy

The app we are going to talk about is called BlurSPY app. It is the best and the top rated phone spy app in the market these days. With this, you can spy on anyone and on their devices too. The app provides users with a good number of features that are helpful in spying on the target phones. The app is also easy to use and features a user-friendly design or interface.

When it comes to the features of BlurSPY app, there are many. All the features are essential and advanced. They offer great user experience and make spying on your devices too easy. You will feel very comfortable while using BlurSPY app. Parents, employers as well as other people can use this app to spy on their target persons. Below are the top features of BlurSPY app.

Call Tracker

Here come the top and the best feature of BlurSPY app. With this feature, you will be able to track any incoming and outgoing phone calls. BlurSPY also allows users to record phone calls and intercept live calls. You can also block anyone from calling on the target phone. Parents will find this feature very useful for their kids.

Message Tracking

If you are planning to spy on a smartphone, tracking messages will be your choice as well. This feature of BlurSPY app is what everyone needs. It allows the users to spy on the text messages of the users. With this feature, you will be able to check them all sent and received text messages. The feature lets the users block messages from any phone number.

Social Media Hacking

Without tracking social media, spying is just incomplete. Many parents want to track the social media activities of their kids. But they have no option to do so. BlurSPY brings the feature which lets you hack any social media app on the target phones. You will be able to view their private messages, chats and everything on their devices. Parents can monitor the social media activities of their children using this feature.

Live Location Tracker

Location tracking is important for spying on smartphones. BlurSPY offers this feature which allows the users to track the live location of the target phones. You can also view the weekly locations the target person has been visiting. Parents who want to keep eyes on their kids and find out their whereabouts can use this feature and get the most out of it. They can protect their kids with this feature.

Screen Recorder

This is the most advanced feature BlurSPY has recently introduced. It is a complete package for anyone. If you want to become a pro spy, you should start using the screen recorder of BlurSPY app. This feature can capture the screen of the target phone. Then you can get access to any app like calls, messages, Facebook, social media, browsers, images and everything on the target phones.

Internet History Monitoring

With this feature offered by BlurSPY app, the users will be able to check the internet history on the target phones. For many users, this feature is really helpful as they want to spy on the online activities of their target persons. So they can become a spy with this feature. The app gives you access to all internet and phone history on the target devices.

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