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List of Best Mobile Phone Processors 2022


The modern generation cannot be imagined without mobile phones in their hand with latest technology. Today people enquire about the mobile phone processor before buying it from the seller. This is very important to have a good processor of your phone for better user experience. Those who are not having a good processor in their mobile phone have to confront various issues while using their phone. Here we will talk about different types of processors in mobiles and which is best among them.

Best Mobile Phone Processors

What is a mobile phone processor?

A mobile phone processor is the head of the mobile that manage every function given to the phone and then execute it as well. There are different types of processors in mobiles based on the number of cores present in them. For example single core, dual core, octa core mobile processors are few to name. More the number of cores in a processor high will be its working speed and efficiency in multitasking. That is the reason every person wants octa core processor in phone these days. These processor is also best for you if you are using third-party cloud services like pCloud. This will help you to easily look after your data without any lag.

Different types of processors in mobiles that are used in present time

Like said earlier as well there are myriads of processors that are used in the mobile phones these days. As a result of which it becomes very important to figure out the best phone processor. The capability of a processor is seen on the basis of cores that are attached to it and in this way we can say that octa core processor is best under this criterion, owing to eight cores.

Which is the fastest phone processor in market?

Till know we have discussion about types of processors now there comes a very valid question that which is the fastest phone processor these days. Well, we cannot deny the fact that both hexa core and octa core processor have good efficiencies that are found in a good processor of mobile phone. But octa core processor can execute the multiple tasks with more speed as compared to the hexa core. In other cases for single task both the processor are going to work with same pace the different exist only when phone is subjected to multiple tasking.

Best Smartphone processor list for mobile users

If you are looking for a best Smartphone processor list then it is important to know that do not switch to those processors which possess less cores. There are so many processors that are being used these days in mobile phones for better functioning. Some of them includes Qualcomm snapdragon, sandy bridge, Intel 80486 etc. are few to enumerate at this stage in the list of top processors that are being used for the mobile phones.

But there are many more in the row which can give you same user experience like that of mentioned here so pick your mobile phone only when you are sure about the type of processor you are buying because everything else is of no use if the processor is of poor quality. Have a book on the best mobile processors according to the latest ranking for mobile processors.

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm Snapdragon

This is the most renowned class of mobile processors which is available in number of series like S1, S2, S3, S4, S200, S400, S600 and S800, S801, S805, S808, S810, S820, S821 etc. The latest series of Snapdragon processor is S821 that can execute the variety of tasks within seconds and give best experience to the users. More it is also a good processor if we compare the quantity if heat released by other processors available in different phones.


2. Apple Mobile Processor

Apple Mobile Processor

The latest processor that is used in Apple phones is A10 fusion which is a quad core processor can give you speed of 2.4 GH. It is having very high speed and built up on 16 nm Fin FET process.


3. Intel Atom and Core M processor for mobile phones

Intel Atom and Core M processor

Intel mobile processors series that are X5 and X7 are launched in the market recently. It is a quad core processor and gives the speed ranging from 1.6 GH to 2.4 GH and the size is 14 nm. There is another processor named core M processor but it is preferred for notebooks of HP and other renowned brands.


4. Nvidia Tegra

Nvidia Tegra

This is other process in the row as per the best processors list and build up on 64 bit ARM architecture. There are multiple series of Nvidia Tegra like Tegra 1, Tegra 3, Tegra 4, Tegra 4i, Tegra K1, Tegra X1 etc. Again it is also quad core processors and can give you marvellous experience regarding the video games and movies. One thing that you have to keep in mind before buying phone with this processor it that it is not able to keep your phone battery intact for long time.


5. MediaTek


Helio X20 and Helio X25 are the best and new MediaTex processors that are used for mobile phones. The best part about these processors is that they emit less heat and also comes in multiple cores like octa cores. More if you phone possess a good Random access memory then your gaming experience can be awesome from Media Tek processor.


6. HiSilicon


If you are looking for a best mobile phone with top level experience for gaming and video streaming then choose phones with HiSilicon processor. K3V1, K3V2, K3V2E, Kirin 620, Kirin 650, Kirin 910, Kirin 920, Kirin 930 and Kirin 950 are some series of this processor. The new series that is Kirin 950 is built up on 64 bit RAM and 16 nanometre FinFET technology. This is again a quad core processor that can give you speed of up to 24 GH.


7. Samsung Exynos

Samsung Exynos

There are so many series of Samsung Exynos that has been evolved over the period of time. We can trust on the speed and quality of this processor owing to the reputation of the brand name in the market. Major series like Exynos 7420, Exynos 7 octa 7870, Exynos 8 octa 8890 are some important series of this processor. The given processor is an octa core processor with eight cores and provides a speed of 2.3 GH with best resolution of 4K UHD and fast video streaming along with gaming purpose of course.

Among so many mobile processors which processor is better for use?

Those who are buying a mobile phone and thinking about which processor is better to be opted then it is always good to ask for multi core processor to your seller. The higher is the count of cores more will be the speed and accuracy of your mobile phone.

If we sift out a best processor for mobile phone then probably Snapdragon can win the race among all other processors that are available in the market in different mobile phones. But it depends upon so many other criteria to which phone you should choose even if it has a Qualcomm snapdragon processor in it.

Supreme quality processor of android phone for users

Those who are gearing up to buy an android mobile phone for them have to be very much careful regarding the different types of processors. Today we have myriads of options regarding the mobile phone processors in the variety of phones. But you need to be very careful while opting for processor of android phone. Make it very clear to your supplier to only provide you with octa core processor without any compromise.

This is because this processor can give you wonderful experience regarding your phone without any issue in between. There are phones which possess single core or dual core processors and often get interrupted when set to multiple tasks. To avoid such troubles it is best idea to only use those processors which have multiple cores and give you fastest speed that you require in your processor of mobile phone.

Most powerful processor for mobile phone in present time

Owing to a lot of competition regarding the best mobile phone processors in the market it is very difficult to say that which is most powerful processor for mobile phone is. But still we can trust on Snapdragon to a certain extent which has a good reputation among the customers and people really like phones vested with this processor in their phones.

Multiple cores and fast speed without any glitch while operating the phone for different task is handled by the Snapdragon very easily. This is the reason why most of the phones are equipped with it in present period of time. You can also go with the same approach in the shop while selecting your mobile phone next time.

So these were some important points about the mobile phone processors that you should keep in your mind. This is because having an idea about some basic things about your mobile phone processor can help you to buy a good mobile phone. At the same time you can also suggest your friends that which phone they should buy and what should be its qualities. Making your choice without any reason by just seeing the dummy look of the phone is not fair enough and you should always sound rational and smart buyer to your seller.

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