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Top Social Media Skills to Have in 2023


Whether you are pursuing a marketing career or not, social media skills are a must for every professional. Searching for a new job? You need to have the proper presence on LinkedIn. Want to be a freelance photographer? Not having a proper Instagram presence can hurt your career greatly. However, with platforms constantly changing and new ones coming up every day, how can a professional know where to start? Well, we’ve gathered a short list of the top social media skills to have in 2020 to ensure that you are competitive with others in your career growth and pursuits.

New trends in social media marketing

Building Up a Diverse Content Calendar

Over the course of a few years we saw video engagement rise and fall on multiple platforms. At first, video and stories weren’t as popular with business accounts, hence the growth in engagement for those who posted videos. However, today everyone ticks all the necessary content boxes. Doing videos, images, carousels and stories is pretty much a necessity for every social media channel. For professionals, this means that even before your cover letter for promotion, you should have built a diverse content calendar for your social media channels that showcase your skills.

Ensuring the videos and posts you are creating fit both a vertical and a horizontal aspect ratio is also a must in 2020.

Rapid Software Adaptability

Second, to ensure your competitiveness, you should ensure that you are able to rapidly employ and deploy the use of third-party software. Being able to use and find your way around social media tools, such as analytics platforms or content scheduling apps is a nice skill to have. Further, being familiar with popular browser extensions can help you stand out in the crowd.

Especially if you are working in the digital space, knowing simple trends, such as what is the outreach chrome extension, will help boost your CV to your new potential employers.

Overcoming the Fear of Exploration of New Platforms

A lot of professionals, especially those who have a notable social media presence are often fearful of the exploration of new platforms. When Instagram became initially popular, it was mostly a tool for teens and photography enthusiast. What would an CEO have to do with Instagram is a comment many in the professional space gave, when asked whether they would join the platform or what they think of it. However, today, CEO without an Instagram presence is a rare sight. In the same manner, Tik Tok is currently seen as a platform for juvenile and kids. Yet, brands are starting to experiment with it. This means that if you know how to get fans on Tik Tok, you will have the upper hand in a social media manager interview.

Whenever a new platform shows up on the stage, make sure to know the ins and outs of it. Exploring obscure platforms or such that aren’t necessarily business oriented can bring benefits outside of just understanding the platform itself. It can allow you to build better habits for build social media content.

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