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Top Machine Learning Programming Languages Best For The Upcoming Year


Some computers can function properly these days irrespective of any direct programming. Do you know how? It is because of Artificial Intelligence that is a very significant part of Machine Learning. So what is a machine learning language? Machine learning is the study of data & computing algorithms into a system that enables it in making decisions with no manual code. There are a plethora of programming languages that can be utilized for writing machine learning based apps. But it is quite time consuming for programmers if they need to write all the algorithms from the beginning. Instead they utilize programming languages that are equipped with pre-built libraries. The languages carry advanced support of data models & science.

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Now that we know what machine learning language is, it is time to learn about languages for machine learning in details.

● Java – When it comes to machine learning in Java, data scientists are in awe of it as almost 20% experts utilize it for cyber-attacks & fraud detection. The language comprises of easy debugging procedure. It also facilitates enhanced user interaction, brings in simplification for massive projects, humungous package services & graphical data representation. Java utilized sandboxes & byte code that earns it the name of a secure language. Both older & latest ML algorithms are these days written in this programming language. Artificial intelligence in Java is very promising as it will help systems with precision & speed.

Java 11 is the new version that comes with enhanced features for ML like:

Pattern recognizing ways like asMatchPedicate

Fresh string methods like stripLeading, isBlank, stripTailing, lines, etc

● Scala – Regarded as best language for machine learning, Apache Spark platform supports this. An all-inclusive data platform, it renders functionalities for machine learning testing & big data procedure via its MLLIB library. Programmers can easily code, expand & deploy ML algorithms by utilizing capabilities bestowed by Spark. Supported by this programming language, Saddle is a data library that offers a robust foundation for data manipulation via array-backed support, 2D data structures & habitual data alignment.

● Python – In context to development, artificial intelligence in python is preferred by almost 59% data scientists and 35% experts. The TensorFlow release by this programming language and its collection of libraries has made this quite popular among most users. Some python libraries include scikit-learn, Teano & these are accessible for AI & ML. The syntaxes of python are simple offering direct access to users for the purpose of predictive analysis.

● R – Among the various artificial intelligence programming languages, R is utilized for statistical computing in machine learning. This is the ideal platform for those who wish to discover statistical data through graph. The language is widely employed to machine learning chores like classification, decision tree formation, regression, etc. In fields of bioengineering & biomedical statistics, this language is quite popular. TM, RODBC & Class are packages utilized for ML. Finding right machine leaning companies are very difficult nowadays so you can easily choose best Machine leaning company from Top Mobile App Development companies directory.

● C++ – C++ is that programming language that is extremely suitable for machine learning because of the ML repositories such as Turi Create and TensorFlow. The aspects that make this artificial intelligence software a renowned one is efficiency & speed. Fabricating well-coded & rapid algorithms with this machine learning language is a piece of cake. With C++, you can even employ first-rate ML systems & computer vision from the ground up.

● C# – When contemplating about which language is best for machine learning, this is an object-oriented programming & open-source language. It is mainly utilized for networking & web development. Mobile app Development Company can construct numerous apps like consoles, web apps, backend frameworks, mobile apps with this versatile language. C# also comes with an out-and-out .NET Core ML learning platform. An open-source and cross-platform ML framework, ML.NET. ML.NET enables .NET developers for functioning on ML apps with ease.


Machine learning is a branch of computer science that is booming and flourishing like anything. ML programming language is numerous and these offer fantastic support to ML libraries & framework. But for programmers & data scientists and end users, it is hard to specify the only language that suits their needs. This is because it will depend entirely on the particular area on which the language will be applied. For instance, R is utilized for statistical computations while Python is popular and suitable for multiple tasks in ML. Get in touch to know which machine learning language is appropriate for which application.

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