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7 Times Employers Can’t Help But Fire An Employee


No matter how ruthless you are, you can never fire someone for fun! There are times when you are so annoyed by an employee that you don’t want to see them around for some time but unfortunately you cannot do anything about it. You are bound by the employment laws and the company norms that you stay quiet and only wait for the person to make an offense serious enough to get expelled from the company. Besides, you do not have the prerogative to take away someone’s source of income just because you are exasperated or stand a few bars up in the hierarchy. Having said that, there are some conditions when it becomes necessary to terminate the employment of an employee.

7 Times Employers Cant Help But Fire An Employee

Let’s take a look at such extreme felonies:

Destruction of Company Property

This is one serious reason behind the many cases of breaking off employment bonds. Especially when a part of the property is deliberately destroyed by the employee or the loss is too financially straining for the employer to compensate.

Violent Or Antisocial Behavior

If an employee frequently provokes commotion in the organization or indulges in fights/ physical abuses then he/ she is liable to be evicted from the workplace forever. The employer doesn’t even take the pain of drafting a warning letter format. The worst-case scenario is when a professional carries arms and ammunition or consumes alcohol and drugs on the company premises.

Counterfeiting Documents/ Data

If an employee is caught committing forgery or falsifying company records, it is considered as a punishable offense to an extent that the offender can be fired. Moreover, if confidential data is shared with an outsider, the same consequences are faced by the wrongdoer.

Deteriorating Performance

Although a lot of chances are given to redeem the past failures, if an employee’s performance repeatedly and consistently goes down, the employer does not delay in downloading a warning letter format. After sharing a cautionary document, the underperformer goes through a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). If the bad show persists and the required improvement is not seen, it’s a Good Bye!

Infringing Company Policies/ Laws

If not in the offer letter, then the company policies, norms and laws are clearly mentioned in an appointment letter. Before joining any organization, candidates read carefully and sign the document in agreement to follow the same. Thus, violation of organizational policies leads to the lawbreaker’s termination.

Prolonged Absenteeism/ Tardy

There are already a good number of holidays and ample chances to apply for leaves that you can avail when you work in corporate, Despite these benefits, if the workforce keeps taking leaves for too many days, it becomes unacceptable. Also, if an employee makes it a habit to come late every day, it can’t be tolerated and a notice/ warning letter is handed over to the guilty. Not always but this carelessness often results in the end of employment.

Termination For Insubordination

This one is the rarest case because disagreement and hot discussions happen quite often between the managers and the team. But, if the argument causes physical or any other kind of harm to any of the two parties, then it leads straight to firing from the job.

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