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Top 5 Effective Tips And Tricks To Play Ludo Game


The online transformation of the Ludo game has turned out to be a great success. Thanks to the growing number of smartphones in the country, Ludo Game Software has shown an unprecedented surge in terms of popularity. The ongoing lockdown is also playing a big part in the success story of the Online Ludo Game.

Top 5 Effective Tips And Tricks To Play Ludo Game

Unlike the traditional variant of the Ludo game, here, you have the option to play the game with your friends and family members staying away from you. As everybody is aware of the fact that luck plays an important role in winning a Ludo game. However, by implementing some proven tips and tricks, you can improve the chances of winning a Ludo game.

Here, in this article, you will know five such tricks that will help you to win the Ludo game consistently. So let’s begin.

1. Open Your Pieces

Opening all your pieces is definitely the most crucial strategy to win a Ludo game. The majority of the players make the mistake of ignoring this aspect completely and focus more on a single or a couple of pieces. If you only focus on one or two pieces, you will be left with fewer options, and that can be a potential difference between winning and losing the game. Unfortunately, if your piece gets cut just before entering the home lane, you will be left with no backup plan. As a result, it is always recommended to open all your pieces as soon as you get a chance.

In most of the Ludo games, you have to move your piece immediately as soon as you roll your dice, irrespective of your number. Therefore, if you get a six, it is advisable to open your piece, instead of running after your opponent. However, you can be flexible in your decision according to the need of the situation. For instance, if you have to choose between killing your opponent and opening your piece, go for the kill.

2. Spread Your Pieces

As Ludo is mostly a luck-based game, it is not advisable to focus on a single piece, and you should treat all the pieces in an equal manner. Once you open all your pieces, you should consider spreading them all over the board. You should station them in different positions; as a result, you will be able to block the move of your opponents and force them to commit a mistake. Therefore, you will get a greater opportunity to win the match.

3. Focus Your Opponent

If your sole aim is to reach the home, more often than not, you will lose the game. So, it is wise to keep a close eye on the opponent’s strategy and then plan accordingly. Once you open all your pieces, you should focus on chasing the opponent’s pieces and go for a kill, whenever you get an opportunity. On the other hand, you can also block your opponent by strategically placing your pieces.

4. Don’t Take Unwanted Risks

Risk-taking ability often results in a reward, but the same is not the case in the Ludo game. Unwanted risks in luck-based games like Ludo often leads to failure. In most cases, your opponents are likely to target your pieces when they are close to their homes. Therefore, you are expected to take high safety measures when your pieces are about to enter the home.

You should move your pieces close to the home lane only if there are no opponents to target it. But, in case your opponents place one of their pieces behind you strategically, you should wait for a big number, and then only proceed further. By adopting this strategy, you can successfully reduce the chances of risk. Besides, as mentioned earlier, you can scatter all your pieces on the board for a smooth movement.

5. Virtual Coins are Important

Virtual coins play an important role in the Ludo game. By using such coins, you can play the game for a longer period of time. You should not lose any opportunity to gather these coins, and there are a number of ways to do that. Firstly, you can get a decent amount of coins by linking the app with your social media accounts.

Besides, the majority of popular applications are offering a considerable amount of coin while sharing the game with your friend circle. However, you need to make sure that your friends must use the promo code mentioned in the sharing link.

6. The Bonus Point

Choosing the right Ludo Game Software will enhance the chances of winning the game significantly. A Ludo game developed by a reliable Ludo Software Provider will be highly optimized with your device. Therefore, you are most likely not going to face any issues like app lagging, sudden unexpected crash, money laundering, etc. So, it is highly advisable to Hire Ludo Game Developer and have some sort of experience in the field of Ludo game making. Besides, you can go through their portfolios and the feedback that they are getting before taking the final call.

Wrapping it off

There is no doubt over the rapidly increasing stature of the Ludo Game Software. Experts of Mobzway suggest that the popularity of the game is only going to increase in the next few years. Therefore, investors all around the country are planning to invest their hard-earned money on developing this particular platform. Though there are already many big market players in the market, thanks to the growing number of the user base, the industry still has the space for the newcomers.

However, the new entries are expected to offer at least some kind of unique features in their Ludo game in order to attract a section of dedicated gamers. Besides, as there are a number of Ludo Game Development agencies present in the market, investors should carry out extensive research before taking their final call. From a player’s perspective, you can implement the above-mentioned strategies in order to improve your chances of winning the Ludo game.

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