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Tired All the Time? How to Double your Afternoon Energy


Feeling tired all the time might be the result of a busy lifestyle. It can also be the result of a bad sleep routine and a lack of sleep. Whatever the cause might be, this feeling of tiredness can affect your everyday performance. In order to avoid that, learn what it takes to double your afternoon energy and strive.

Tired all the time - How to double your afternoon energy


Start your day right

In order to ensure optimum levels of energy, we have to start the day right! Once we open our eyes, yawn, check the time and finish with our morning hygiene, we should do two things. First, we should drink a cup of water with some lemon juice. This will give your body some vitamin C, boost your immune system and detoxify. Next, we should energize our body with a nutritious breakfast. Skipping breakfast is the number one reason why people feel tired. In order to make your mornings productive and have enough energy, eat an energy-boosting breakfast. Eggs, greek yogurt, whole-grain cereals rich in fiber, or protein-infused green smoothie will jump start your morning.

Do any activity standing

So, a few hours have gone by after you had breakfast. Now you start to feel that drain of energy happening in your body. This usually happens between 1 and 3 pm. The feeling is real and it is known as the afternoon slump. The first thing you can do to double your afternoon energy is to do any activity while standing. If you are still at work, walk around the office while taking a work-related phone call. Literally, work on your feet and keep yourself alert and focused. You can also do this at home, late in the afternoon. Any type of movement improves circulation, thus energizes your body. Intentional movement is not the enemy. Learn how to enjoy the benefits of any physical exercise.

Practice some mental redirection

Once you get home after a tough day at work, exhausted and drained of all energy, do something to ease your mind. Practicing some mental redirection will remove the stress, ease your mind and help you get around brain drain from work. Reading something interesting instead of further draining your mental strength might inspire you. So, focus on an activity that is both relaxing and stimulating, like reading is. Aim to spend at least one hour away from the screen to recharge your afternoon energy. Give your eyes a break and avoid further eyestrain.

Don’t skip meals even when you are busy

Dont skip meals even when you are busy

The only way to properly fuel your body is by giving it a proper source of energy. Food is our fuel. If our body is without food, it will reduce sugar levels. Low blood sugar causes fatigue, brain fog, hunger-related mood swings, muscle loss and 9 out 10 times results in overeating. So, if you want to double up on your afternoon energy you need to have a proper lunch first. If you are too busy, you can sign up for prepared meals home delivery service and eat nutritious and healthy meals every day. By fueling your body regularly during the day, you will remain healthy, energized, and happy.

Reset your afternoon with a walk

It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to recharge your day with a walk. Walking in nature will have a calming effect on your mind, which is also prone to fatigue. The effects of staring at the screen all day can be wiped out by looking at natural scenery. A study found that the positive effects of a brisk 10-minute walk can last for 2 hours. This activity will boost your energy levels and sustain it for two hours. A brisk walk is reportedly more energizing than an energy-boosting sugary snack. Next time you feel like you don’t have enough energy throughout the day, go out and just walk it off.

Use aromatherapy to stimulate your senses

Among many other things, essential oils are also used to fight fatigue and boost your energy levels, motivation, and focus. The best results can be achieved with aromatherapy. These magnificent oils will be diffused into the air. Their aroma will stimulate your senses and have an amazing effect. If you want to increase your energy and improve your focus, start using some of the following oils:

  • Peppermint,
  • Spearmint essential oil,
  • Lemon essential oil,
  • Sweet orange,
  • Rosemary essential oil.

Power nap like a pro

Once you get the feeling that your brain and body have had enough, it is time to take some action. By action, we mean to power nap like a pro. Power naps serve to improve your mood, increase alertness, and performance. The best time to have a power nap is between 1 pm and 4 pm. To achieve the best effects and avoid post-nap sluggishness, aim to nap from 20 to 30 minutes. A power nap will improve your mental abilities, relieve brain drain and might even restore a whole night of lost sleep.

Remember to stay hydrated with water, not coffee

Proper hydration throughout your day can help you maintain energy levels. The reason why you constantly feel tired might be due to dehydration. Your daily goal should be to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water. Also, limit your coffee intake to just one cup a day. Anything more than that can disrupt your sleep schedule which further leads to sleep deprivation. Too much caffeine can make you anxious, cause insomnia, fatigue, muscle spasms and headaches. Time your coffee carefully to achieve that energy and mental boost. Afterward, drink decaf coffee or warm yourself up with an herbal tea blend.

In conclusion, develop a healthy sleep routine to start your day with a battery 100% full. If you don’t stick to a regular sleep schedule, you’ll experience sleep deprivation which causes many other health problems. Aim to get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. Also, the last meal of the day counts too as it recharges your energy levels. Once you implement regular sleep and our tips for better afternoon energy, you will always have enough energy to achieve your daily goals.

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