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How Dangerous a Sinus Infection Could Be?


Medically referred to as rhino sinusitis, a sinus is a condition when your nasal cavities become swollen and infected. Sinus is mostly caused by a virus and often and remains even after all the symptoms are gone. There are some cases where fungus or bacteria is responsible for the sinus infection.

How Dangerous a Sinus Infection Could Be

Most of the people are very much aware of the discomforting and annoying the sinus infection can be. But what they do not know is the degree of danger caused by it. If a sinus infection is left untreated, it can worsen your current condition.

Bacteria or Virus?

Well, the first thing that you need to realize is that all the sinus infections are not the same. A sinus can be of two types wither a bacterial or a viral. There is one another term which means sinusitis which means that there is irritation in your sinus. This is going to make up a lining around the air spaces between the nose and your bones.

The only way to inquire whether the infection is viral or bacterial is in the initial stages. The symptoms of this infection are very similar in people, that the doctors suggest the patients to wait for at least 9-10 days before seeking the treatment.

Some cases can turn serious:

If you are depending on the antibiotics, then they can help only to an extent. There may be a potentially dangerous complication that may arise when a sinus infection spreads to the brains, ear or the eyes.

The complication around the eyes is very common as these complications can cause swelling, redness, reduced vision and even can lead to some serious issues like blindness.

When you face such a serious condition, you need to run to urgent care near 77041 as delaying it can have negative effects or can even worsen the condition. In these cases, patients need to be admitted to the emergency rooms, where, with the help of CT scan and latest technology, the degree of the spread can be determined.

In rare cases, the sinus can travel to the brain. This can in the future lead to various life-threating conditions like meningitis, a serious disease, and cause intense headaches and muscular rigidity.

Pain in your Sinuses:

Pain is one of the common symptoms of sinus. You can have sinus from bacteria or the virus, which can be below your eyes or behind your nose. Any of these conditions is hugely responsible for pain.

You can face swelling and inflammation that can cause your sinuses to pain abnormally. You are going to feel most of the pain in your forehead, any side of the nose, your teeth or upper jaws and it can even be in between the eyes. Intense headaches are also one of the most common symptoms.

Nasal discharge:

You will find yourself blowing your nose more than often. This is because of the nasal discharge. The discharge is going to be yellow, greenish and cloudy. This discharge is going to come from your infected sinuses and the drains. It is also possible that the discharge may also bypass your nose and can travel to the throat. It can cause an itch, a feeling of a tickle or sore throat.


Start searching for ‘24 hr emergency room near me’ as soon as possible because if left untreated, this condition can turn into something serious and can even worsen your current condition. Visit an emergency room as soon as possible as it can cause more chronic infections.

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