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The 7 Best Solar Panel Companies for 2021


Did you know that there are more than 2 million solar power installations in the USA?

Thanks to the falling prices of technology and a larger number of providers, more people than ever are turning to renewable solar power.

The 7 Best Solar Panel Companies for 2021

If you are thinking about making the switch, how can you find the right company for you? Take a minute and browse through our list of some of the best solar panel companies in the US.

1. Blue Raven

If you are wondering “are there any solar providers near me?” the answer is yes. One of the best solar panel companies in the country is Blue Raven, which provides solar technology across the USA.

They focus on providing quality solar technology, but at affordable prices. In addition to technology, they provide guidance to customers who wish to benefit from government subsidies and incentives.

2. SunPower

SunPower offers solar power technologies to both homeowners and community properties. They specialize in software monitors and backup power.

You can either lease or purchase equipment from them and they offer up to a 25-year guarantee with many items.

3. Zenernet

If you are looking to invest in long-term solar power technology, you may want to check out Zenernet. They offer a 35-year component warranty on some products. They specialize in high-quality inverters and can install within weeks of your order.

4. SunLux Energy

If you want to know how to choose a solar panel that can do it all, SunLux is for you. They advertise that they perform full-service installations and lifetime support. If you are looking for an installation where you have minimum input, SunLux is worth your time.

5. Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar expedites the installation of solar panels and offers to complete the job within 8 hours. They have a rich experience with solar technology and offer electric vehicle and battery storage charging technologies for those who want to make full use of this renewable energy source.

6. Sunrun

If you want a solar company that will monitor your system 24/7, then you may want to look into Sunrun. They will both watch your system day and night and provide a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

They also offer an expedited installation program.

7. Tesla Energy

Probably the most famous name on the list of top solar panel companies, Tesla provides the full range of solar power technology. This includes Powerwall batteries. These store your electricity so that you can use it to fill up your EV or other devices.

Tesla solar panels are usually installed in one day and include lengthy warranties on key parts.

The Best Solar Panel Companies That You Need to Know About

With the price of solar power dropping and its efficiency rising, now is a great time to get an installation for your home or workplace. Knowing the best solar panel companies can ensure that you get a quality installation at the right price.

If you would like to learn more about these topics, why not check out our blog page for more info?

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