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What is Electronic Weighbridge And Its Types


Electronic weighbridges serve an essential function in various industries. THE electronic truck scales are purpose-built machines used to weigh large industrial vehicles and their contents, primarily for commercial purposes. The modern electronic weighbridges have advanced mechanisms and consist of strain gauge load cells and digitizers. The load cell signal is passed on to the digitizers to calculate the measurement with a high level of accuracy.

What is Electronic Weighbridge And Its Types

The electronic weighbridges are also equipped with software to store data easily, transfer, and repurpose this data. It can automate several processes that are associated with the data collection process. It also easily integrates with the database and supports the data analysis and financial forecasts to optimize its productivity. While choosing the best electronic weighbridge manufacturer, you can ask them to implement the software solution to streamline the data operations associated with the weighbridge.

Weighbridges help the companies to avoid the incurrence of any financial or legal penalty by determining that the vehicle is not overboard more than its predetermined capacity. An unbalanced axle weight of the car can make it unsafe for commuting on public roads. The onboard product’s weight is calculated by subtracting the concerned vehicle’s net weight from the gross weight. Often the goods are sold by weight, and weighbridges are effective instruments to perform quick and efficient vehicle measurements.
Besides determining the vehicles’ mass, it can also weigh farm produce, scrap metals, and landscape products that weigh more than 3 tonnes. The measurement helps purchase or sell goods, analyze freight costs/charges based on weight, or determine the taxes.

There are different types of electronic weighbridges. The installation of the weighbridges can be carried out on premises where the space is adequate. It can be placed both on-ground (surface mount) or below the ground (pit mound).

How Does A Weighbridge Operate?

There are mainly five components in a weighbridge.

  • Foundation: any weighbridge which is permanently installed uses a concrete foundation.
  • Steel platform: It acts as a driving surface for the vehicles
  • Load Cells: It is the key component that is used for weight measurement. It is a transducer that converts force into electrical output.
  • Terminal: a terminal/indicator acts as the control panel for the scale. The operator gets the weight value from the terminal. It also plays the role of a connection point for other scale peripheral devices.
  • Cables: it transfers the signals from load cells to terminals.

A weighbridge digitally records the weight of the vehicle. It uses load cell systems. The load cells are made of concrete or steel and have strain gauges attached to them. These strain gauges transmit a mild electrical current—this current changes when the strain gauge is compressed. A junction box attached to the system receives the signal and measures the current variance to give precise and accurate weight reading.

Types of Weighbridge

• Pit Type Weighbridge

Pit-type weighbridges are suitable for locations in which the space is limited. The platform of these weighbridges on the ground level, and the vehicles can approach the weighing platform from any direction. These weighbridges do not have any ramps. Hence it requires lesser space than surface mounted weighbridges.

It is designed for heavy-weight and harsh environments. The load cell assembly is designed very accurately to absorb excessive impact force caused when the truck enters or leaves the weighbridge. The deck is installed at ground level for easy accessibility.

• Pitless Weighbridge

In places where the excavation work is not possible, pitless weighbridges can be installed. The structure is above ground level. Hence the vehicle can approach the weighbridge from two directions, i.e., from where the ramps are available. Since the pit construction is eliminated, it is comparatively budget-friendly. As the platform is above ground level, there is no possibility of waterlogging, and it can be maintained easily.

Electronic pitless weighbridges are suitable for heavy-weight and harsh conditions. The load cells are mounted to provide better exactness and repeatability. A pitless weighbridge is economical, maintenance-free, high in performance, and has lower overall costs.

These weighbridges can install the software application for extreme data extraction, collection, and processing functions. It is designed to manage and track the critical information generated while weighing the products quickly and flexibly.

To Conclude:

The electronic weighbridges are technologically advanced equipment with precise measurement technology and advanced weld technique. These features ensure that there is a rational distribution of weld stress. It consists of strain gauge load cells, full-bridge circuit, and the shear stress is transmitted to this circuit to the junction box. The measurable electrical output provides the weight measurement of the vehicle. Electronic weighbridges require robust load cells for better durability in harsh operating conditions. And hence these load cells need to undergo stringent quality checks to adhere to existing quality standards.

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