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Role and Impact of Augmented Reality on Social Media in the Coming Years


Augmented Reality has gradually become an undeniable part of your life. It creates a memorable and fascinating experience on alluring tablets, making sure you feel something special or beautiful is happening around you.

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  • Breaking 2D boundaries in panache and inspiring innovative minds to think and achieve bigger, AR in technology means that each person should get ready to embrace the next big thing.
  • Augmented reality is fundamentally an interactive experience of a real, concrete environment wherein the objects that are part of the world experience augmentation through the implementation of computer-generated information (perceptual).
  • AR tends to take place across a series of sensory modes. They can include auditory, visual, somatosensory, and olfactory and haptic means.
  • You need to know the different between augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • When AR adds or underlines the reality that you usually notice in the real world, Virtual reality is all about cyber-powered environments. You can interact with them.
  • The idea of VR is to produce what you know as complete and total user immersion.
  • But, the rationale behind AR is to add to or augment the outside world. Concisely, 99% of what you see is real and only one percent is a magical entity appearing out of nothing.

Influencing future social media trends

The social media marketing experts are keen on understanding new technologies that can shape its future. It’s very critical for the companies taking advantage of the new shifts and trends while focusing on potential customers.

  • AR is one of those new technologies that can affect the future trends of social media.
  • You can check out the latest social media app enhancements and developments you perform on existing formats.
  • It’s clear that augmented reality will essay a clinical role in shaping and channelizing social media trends in the future.
  • You can feel AR experiences in a process. Users of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Tinder users can witness this among numerous other platforms.
  • However, you can state that augment reality is still a speculative thing as the majority of its projects are in their nascent stage.
  • Top-shot technology giants are investing heavily in AR and various industry players are going into AR’s potential market.
  • You can safely speculate that augmented reality will integrate with other platforms. You consume content through these platforms.
  • AR is also all set to infuse new content creation and delivery to social media. The approach will be fully new.

On the functionality

AR operates on the technology or process of incorporating digital features such as emoticons, maps, icons, location tags, filters and other things into screen frames.

  • You can use means like GPS sensors and cameras to propel a social media platform or application to display numerous digital components on your screen.
  • With social media emerging as an immensely competitive domain for brands, each new trend can become a potential or prospective game changer.
  • AR is an opportunity to give an interactive and strong out-of-the-box experience.
  • There are top-notch brands that are perfect examples of AR you incorporate into definite marketing strategies.
  • Facebook has announced its plans to integrate AR features on their platform.
  • The social media platform has already integrated filters and masks on Facebook messenger.
  • Customers can use the new messenger to implement brand new products from AR brands.
  • In the context social media and AR, you have to mention Snapchat. This social media channel was one of the first of the lot to offer AR tools of filters.
  • Instagram was the next one to follow suit. It offers a whole new range of filters. You can add them as pictures and stories.

Intertwining with social media

It’s largely due to Snapchat, that AR is already blending itself with social media. In fact, Snapchat is a big reason behind its soaring popularity today.

  • Snapchat users can use AR lenses and filters to infuse life in their updates. You can even create your own filters.
  • If you’re a Snapchat user, you know how you can play games with other friends and users with Snappables. These are primarily AR selfie, fun games.
  • You can also transform yourself into a stunning 3D Bitmoji. You can insert yourself or activate yourself in the real-world setting.
  • Additionally, Snapchat has just released numerous features. The Shoppable features allow brands and companies to promote their sign-up pages and sites.
  • They will allow brands to share a video or ask folks to install and use their apps.
  • Concisely, consumers can try out a company’s products by using a lends.
  • The retailer can then direct you to where they can buy that item.
  • Snapchat has figured out numerous ways to use AR in avenues that you feel are organic.
  • There’s no need to force augmented reality down others’ throats. A big reason is because various other popular social media networks like Instagram are now adapting to Snapchat’s tools and features.
  • Live events are also important. Different brands and organizations are implementing a technology that enables you to attend an event from your home’s comfort or play AR funs with your fans.
  • Fans and audiences can download the concerned AR app to engage with the event. All you need is a phone, a flat surface, and the app.
  • For AR videos, brands can further engage their traffic by creating compelling and interactive augmented reality videos.
  • If you want more likes and followers, you can get them from https://blastup.com.
  • The tool can show customers the right way to use the products. You can then optimize them.
  • If you’re selling a service of any type, AR videos can show the level of user-experience there.

A summation

Augmented reality’s ability to link your physical and digital world is transforming the way companies engage with consumers and visitors on social media.

Digital behemoths Facebook and Snapchat are now monetizing consumers’ interest and love for augmented reality with branded experienced and ads.

They are opening the floodgates for brands to use new platforms of immersive and compelling storytelling and creativity to tap consumers so that they appreciate it and respond to it.


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