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How to Plan Your Honeymoon after an Arranged Marriage?


Honeymoon, in the case of an arranged marriage, is very different from a love marriage. When you are not familiar with each other, things can get clumsy if you do not focus. Therefore, it is essential to plan your honeymoon well after tying the knot with a stranger.

Your spouse is the most significant somebody in your life. While you consider them your ‘better half’ and much more, keep up with the emotions and develop an understanding that remains for a lifetime. Often people confuse things while moving with their partner.

How to Plan Your Honeymoon after an Arranged Marriage

It is common to go through tips for such a journey to make the most of your first after-wedding days. This journey of your life is the best time two people can explore each other and know more.

Also, when you are not sure about each other’s choices, it is challenging to plan a holiday. Henceforth, discuss a little with each other and move on with the first step.

Explore Your Priorities

Initially, discuss what your idea of traveling is. Look through both of your favorite spots for getting more excited and less nervous about the trip. Consider a place suitable for the two of you. Find if your partner has any plans they are not sharing. Do not hesitate and discuss your idea with them.

In case you both are unable to choose a place, look through the best romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. If you are worried about your budget, go through the Dreamplace voucher codes and plan a trip to the Canary Islands. It is a location perfect for newly-weds.

Celebrate Your Togetherness

Plan your honeymoon to celebrate your time together. Most often, during an arranged marriage, couples get less time to talk with each other. During this delightful journey, find out about your life partner and appreciate them. Try to bring comfort between the two of you.

Break the ice by sharing some of your funny secrets to develop an informal and friendly conversation for a start. Remember, a honeymoon is not about a physical bond with your partner. Focus on your mental connection and let things take their way smoothly.

Focus On the Location

Europe is known as the worldwide leading travel spot, and the Canary Islands here offer the most romantic places for planning a honeymoon in Spain. If you are not sure about the destination, Lanzarote and Tenerife can give you mesmerizing ideas.

On the other hand, if you both agree to a common spot, go for it. Find the best hotel and stay at a place where you both can relax. Arranged marriage couples can always focus on location with less crowd. It helps you both get involved in each other and get closer quickly.

A honeymoon resort that creates the right ambiance is most likely perfect for such journeys. Skip any intimate destinations if your partner is not prepared for such a move.

Highlight Their Presence

A crucial step while you plan your honeymoon is to keep the phones aside. Do not engage yourself with electronics around. Try to give them time and make the most of every second. Keep in mind that it is your journey of a lifetime, and you may not get plenty of time with them again.

Focus on the togetherness because you can talk to friends, relatives, and family all life. Capture pictures with each other and take it easy. Spending time together will add everything to your memories, and you will enjoy remembering it later with your partner.

Avoid More Activities

If the two of you are adventure-loving, go on with an enthusiastic honeymoon. Nonetheless, take it slow and relax. Do not plan your honeymoon packed up activities and adventures only. Make sure if you both have time to stay in bed and relieve stress.

Talk about the experience throughout the journey. Rather than moving, again, and again, take a pause. Feel comfortable in everything you do. Giving less time to an adventure will help you both understand if the other one is enjoying or not.

If you both feel the urge to spend more time on a particular spot, plan it again when you both are familiar and enjoy more.

Plan Multiple Dates

A single date on your honeymoon is not a considerable idea. Plan your honeymoon with multiple dates on restaurants, beaches, clubs, pools, and any other attraction spots around you.

Remember, your second date after an arranged marriage will always be better than the first one.

Follow this rule and get intimate slowly. Spend time together and celebrate their presence. Pick different spots and revisit a restaurant if you wish to recreate a moment from the previous date.

Impress Your Partner

There are numerous ways you can impress your significant one on your honeymoon. Try to do things that you were not able to come up with. Most often during arranged marriages, you hesitate about a lot of actions.

  • It is the best time you can make a move and impress them by sharing your emotions.
  • In case you have not proposed them yet, prepare yourself for kneeling down and lead to a romantic couple dance.
  • Complement each other and praise your partner. Let them know about your choices and let them know which color suits them more.

Final Thoughts

An arranged marriage is an unexplored and mysterious step of your life. Make it beautiful by setting things right with your significant one. Plan your honeymoon in a way that you both are familiar with each other on your way home.
It is the most fantastic time of your life to find out how your life can be with your spouse. Try to make the most of it and don’t hesitate. Remember, a few steps on your first trip can affect the journey of your lifetime. Therefore, handle it with tender love, care, and do not forget to give them respect and importance!


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