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How Lighting Can Turn Your Entire Place into a Beautiful Home


A home with the interior decoration of beautiful lighting gives a warm and welcoming identity. Illuminating can create magic if done rightly. You need to creatively decorate your rooms so that the lights reach to every little dark corner of your house. There will be separate requirements for a bedroom, living room, dining room. The function of each is different, and the activity or mood factor plays a key role in lighting decorations.

How Lighting Can Turn Your Entire Place into a Beautiful Home

In this article, we will understand how lighting can transform your entire place into a perfect dream home.

Double up the Sources

We tend to add only one source of light to our rooms, which leaves the corners in darkness or in poor light. Try layering illumination with a mix of lighting overhead, accent, and task lights. Multiple lights from different areas will beautify the room. It will bring out your aesthetic charisma of designing. For instance, your living room might include a hanging decorative ceiling fixture at the center. In addition, you can add task lights behind the cupboards or accent lights above art to highlight it. Our living rooms are the first view of our homes for guests. And so, showing the luxurious elegance, through the artistic side of you, will leave an impact.

Illuminate the Bedroom

The bedroom requires both well illuminating set of lights and the soothing ones to use according to the mood. You can combine a central lighting arrangement on the ceiling, probably a chandelier. Along with that add reading lamps by the bedside and some lighting on the walls to focus on your picture frames or other objects. The arrangements should be adjustable to the mood and the time of the day. If you are in a romantic mood, add some candles to create a cozy atmosphere. For your child’s bedroom include some soft white string lights on the faux ceiling panel, to give it a comfortable and starry look of a night sky.

Brighten Up the Kitchen

A lot of the lighting arrangements depend upon a room’s orientation. If your kitchen is not receiving sufficient natural sunlight to brighten it, you need to add lights. It is more than the ambiance. Add lights below the cabinet and around the cooking area. Install recessed lights along the border of the ceiling. If your dining table is attached to the kitchen, add some small chandeliers above at the center to give a stylish look. You can add accent lights to the cabinet decorated with elegant and vintage crockery or glassware. Currently, the hanging pendant fixtures are gaining attraction for its ability to add a contemporary look. You can find some unique ones in the market or DIY to add your personal design.

Accentuate the Corners

An empty corner can reduce the look of beautiful lightings. Pay attention to those awkward corners in your rooms. Add some pendant lightings beside a stunning mirror to reflect the maximum light. A floor lamp can be the spotlight of your room, giving it a definition. In case a floor lamp is occupying space, try adding a swing arm lamp. Find something that can complement the overall design of your room. For the corner of your sofas, you can use arc lamps. This will not require any drilling in your wall. Create a visual balance of light and shadow, as the low light is often pleasing. It will give your space depth and make it feel like a home.

Select the Bathroom Lighting Carefully

Lighting in this area of our home is usually not much in focus. But that doesn’t mean it needs no proper illumination. A dim light in the bathroom will not help you get ready on time. Recessed lighting overhead can give a basic illumination. Especially if there are no windows, the quality of light worsens. To address the issue, install fixture near the mirror, preferably not above, as it will cast deep shadows. Or add a sculptural pendant lamp for a visual glitter. Do not overdo it. Add enough to make you feel like you are not in a dungeon.

Add some Fun

Play with the ambiance of your rooms. Add some fun elements like a vintage chandelier or dimmers to create a difference. Putting dimmers on fixtures is an easy way to adjust the light in the room. Fix them in your bathroom, dining room, living rooms to adjust for a relaxing mood. These can help lower your electricity bills. The flexibility of lighting can be fun and better, contributing to the ambiance for a gathering.

Don’t Forget the Front and BackSpaces

If you have ample of back and front spaces, you can play with lightings creatively. Illuminate the entrance walkway with landscape lighting options. These can add a touch of grandeur as soon as you enter. Add string lights to your outdoor fire pit for a comfy winter night get-together. A hanging tea light chandelier is perfect for the garden spaces. These are simple yet classy, lighting up your evenings every day. For a magical effect, add some battery operating fairy light in glass balls and hang them on the tree branches. Get some more ideas to illuminate these spaces creatively.

Your home is your place to unwind. There is something about it, which keeps us comfortable and happy to come back every single day. Redecorate with these lighting ideas to make you and your guests feel welcome under the setup.


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