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Full-Service Ad Agency for Business Growth


Advertising and promotion are important for any business seeking growth and it is ‘the business’ of an ad agency to handle all marketing, promotional, press-design, PR and advertising aspects of a particular business.

Full-Service Ad Agency for Business Growth

Now, as we have entered headlong into the internet era, the structure of traditional ad agencies and how they used to function are rapidly changing as well. For example, digital marketing companies normally fall into a different niche. However, a full-scale ad agency of today, especially those with enough might and main, will also provide many core digital marketing services.

To appoint such an ad agency is convenient for business since in this case, all its marketing, promotion and strategic planning requirements are handled by a single entity. This facilitates approaching any problem that may arise in a holistic manner which in turn greatly increases the chance of coming up with proper and effective solutions.

However, a full-service advertising agency does not necessarily mean that all the works are done by a single firm alone. This may happen to be the case, but it is still rare. Even in the age of traditional ad agencies, it was common for many agencies to liaise with other related entities, such as PR firms, consulting firms, etc.

However, from a client’s perspective, it is not that important to know how an ad agency gets their work done. What is more important is to research well the track record of the agency/agencies they are considering to hire. And by track record, we do not only mean the success rate of the ad firm in question, but also the SOW or the Scope of Works done by them. This is because ad agencies also have their own areas of expertise and do not/cannot cater to just any and all business.

At Bottom, All Is Problem/Solution Driven

Basically, an advertising firm is there to solve problems for its client as and when they arise. The client or the business presents the ad agency with its problems and then it is the task of the agency to come up with proper and effective solutions. Of course, the types of problems and the subsequent solutions offered differ considerably depending on the nature of the business and the advertising firm’s area of expertise. But, in a nutshell, this is how it works.

Ask the Right Questions

From a business owner’s perspective, it is of great importance that one asks the right questions when he is planning to hire a particular ad agency. Know well what sort of services they will perform for you and this knowledge will help you make an informed decision as to whether you should go with that agency or not. Additionally, it also forestalls the chances of any misunderstanding cropping up at a later stage.

These are the things to ask and know beforehand:

  • What types of services does the advertising firm offer? Do they have a dedicated team for market analysis and research? What areas of marketing and promotion will be most effective for your business? Do their services cover the digital aspects of advertising as well, such as web design and website maintenance, online reputation management, social media marketing, and even SEO?
  • What is the basic structure of the agency? How the agency staff will coalesce with your team on different projects?
  • Their fee model and how does it work vis-a-vis the different services?
  • Are they well connected with different media outlets to assist the business with its ad placement and media outreach endeavours?
  • Do they have previous experience of working in a similar industry as your business and if yes, can they provide you with references?

Finding the Right Agency

A reliable and efficient ad concern will normally excel in things such as creativity and innovations, production, effective market analysis, and strategic planning and in many cases, interactive marketing services closely related to the digital world and the internet. If you know that an ad agency is good at all these areas, you may rest content that you’ve found the right agency for your business requirements and growth.


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