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Get Familiar with the Different Types of Unsecured Business Loans


Those of you who run your own companies understand that you need business loans from time to time. You may use it to cover unexpected emergencies, leverage it to include time-sensitive opportunities, or access it for your expansion plans. However, getting the money using the traditional route can be hard because of all the extensive documentation, hefty collateral, and other strict compliant requirements. If you require quick access to cash, unsecured business loans are the best choice for the fastest funding to address your business concerns.

Get Familiar with the Different Types of Unsecured Business Loans

These no security loans don’t require extensive processing of paperwork. There is no collateral needed, so your loan application is not subject to lengthy approvals. Your loan amount is also not dependent on your property’s value. Alternative lenders, at times, don’t even look at your credit history, but they check how long you’ve been in business and assess your company’s cash flow if you are a healthy borrower.

With all these perks, availing of this non-traditional loan makes a lot of sense. However, there are different kinds of no security loans in the market today. Read on below to familiarise yourself with these products:

Long-Term Business Loans

Though this is not very common, you can still find a long-term unsecured business loan that doesn’t require you to fork out collateral. As its name suggests, the payout for this takes a long time. It could range from a few years to a few decades. This kind of loan usually covers a significant amount, hence the more extended repayment. Lenders generally offer this to businesses that they’ve shared a history with. If it is your first transaction with a lender, then most likely, you cannot avail of this option. You need to prove your mettle and establish a healthy relationship first to show your payment capability.

Short-Term Business Loans

Those with short payment plans are the most common type of unsecured loan. These short loans require no collateral. If you are considering this option, there are many lenders online offering unsecured business loans. With this category, the repayment term is one year or less.

Consider this loan if you have a sudden emergency, such as one of your suppliers’ default on the payment, and you fall short in your cash flow. This is also an excellent choice for business owners that see a time-sensitive opportunity for growth and need a quick capital infusion to make it happen.

Merchant Cash Advance

This is another form of unsecured business loan that is best for businesses that engage with a lot of credit card and debit sales. Availing of this loan is great for you as a merchant because it means you can use the loan and pay it back with a fixed percentage based on your business’ daily credit card sales.

Because it hinges on your company’s sales, there is no fixed payment required for this kind of cash advance. Before you avail of this option, be sure to check the rate of interest and the percentage of sales needed by the lender. Knowing these parameters will help you make an informed choice.

When you are in a bind and you need quick access to cash, an unsecured business loan is an excellent ally for most entrepreneurs. It will allow you to keep your assets safe while paving the way for you to address your financial concerns. For best results, do your due diligence and research different lenders and their corresponding loan terms, rates, and conditions.

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