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5 Ways to Fund Your Study Abroad


You might want to expand your studies to include traveling abroad. When you study abroad, you develop a more well-rounded approach to your education. And, of course, you also get to enjoy some pretty amazing experiences outside of the classroom, too.

5 Ways to Fund Your Study Abroad

But are financial concerns deterring you from traveling to further your education? If so, you should not let these worries stop you any longer. You have resources to which you can turn that can open up the money you need. You can find funding for your study abroad goals.

Check out these five ways to fund your study abroad.

1. Ask Your Educational Institution

Have you talked to contacts on campus that can help you secure the money you need? This is a great place for you to start. In fact, someone on your campus might be able to help you find a way to fund your entire trip. The staff that works at your educational institution have helped countless others afford to study abroad.

Start by talking to your academic advisor and then ask your teachers. By turning to the campus contacts you know best, you can sometimes expedite the process. Of course, your financial aid office is a great resource, too. Make sure to utilize all of your campus contacts and resources, and you can usually find funding through your educational institution. You might even be able to land a scholarship.

2. Grab a Part-Time Job

If you have not thought about a part-time job, then you should look into this. Even if you acquire funding from your college or another source, a part-time job could yield additional money to use with your travels abroad. What kind of part-time jobs are available for you on campus, and what types of opportunities are there in your campus’ community?

Some of your popular ideas to consider in addition to the jobs at your school are waiting tables, working for parks and recreation, becoming a retail associate, or deliver food. You could also get a job bartending, and you can see if other local businesses have desk jobs or administrative work you can handle. And don’t forget to use your educational expertise to possibly make money tutoring young children or high school students.

3. Talk to Your Family

Don’t ever think you should not talk to your family about this. Someone in your family might be open to the idea of helping you. Ask them if they can pay for any of your needs that have not been met. You never know until you ask.

Even if you don’t have a family member than can and will help, your family members likely will be able to help you consider all of your sources for money. They will be able to give you great feedback, too.

4. Consider Your Financial Institutions

If you do not have a relationship with a personal banker, you are not ever too young to establish this. You have many benefits as a result, and you can turn to them should you need funding for any of your goals. And that includes your wishes to study abroad.

No matter your financial picture, your personal banker can give you great advice on funding options. They will also be able to help you determine which funding solutions you should not consider. And you never know, your banker might be able to secure you a low-interest loan or a credit card that has no interest for the first year.

5. Turn to Specialized Providers

Sometimes, you might benefit from seeking out services from specialized providers of study abroad programs. You can find organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit that can help you. You just have to look around and take time to research these resources.

You also can turn to these specialized providers for other consideration pertaining to your study abroad goals. Say, for example, you live in the U.S. and want to study in Canada or vice versa. You could get additional information on international travel pertaining to travel legalities, needs, and expectations.

You Have Options

There is a way to fund your study abroad. You do have options. Take time to look into the five suggestions above. Through one or more of those recommendations, you can fund this.


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